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My Right Ear Keeps Making A Whooshing Noise Like A Pulse. What Can It Be?

I have recently had been treated for an infection with ear drops do you think it is this qwe
Asked on Jan 2, 2011Improve / edit this question

6 Answers

Natasha Polak   L4: Guide   175 answers   +113 votes
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Well I am not a doctor, but noises in the ear are often from having impacted wax, and can range from hearing "voices" to whistling, and gurgling or hissing.  Certainly you should have your ears looked at to see if there is anything else that could be the cause of the noises you are hearing, if you DON'T have a wax problem.  Since you have already been to the doctor for an infection, what did he or she say at that time?  Are you still using drops?  Sometimes medication like that can move the wax around as it softens.  Having drops for an ear infection is not very common in adults, so I am curious to know what your doctor said the reason was that you needed them instead of an oral suspension? 

Posted on Jan 3, 2011
Irene Nevins   L4: Guide (Ambassador: L1)   347 answers   +203 votes
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It sounds like you still have middle ear fluid and pressure (causes you to hear your pulse). Go back to your doctor. Medication may not be working on your infection. There are a lot of resistant strains.

Posted on Jan 3, 2011
L. Myers   L2: Contributor   22 answers   +4 votes
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I think you should go back to your doctor right away. It could be the original ear infection, and if so, you should have it treated before it gets worse. Good luck!

Posted on Jan 4, 2011
PMathew   L2: Contributor   5 answers   +2 votes
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Did you have any recent nasal passage obstruction? If so, the sound in ear could be a continuation of this. Steam inhalation helps..

Posted on Jan 5, 2011
Deepak Gupta   L3: Expert   21 answers   +12 votes
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I do not know the exact reason behind this but most of the time it is due to dirt (wax) in the war. To keep you ear clean and see if you still have the same problem. If you have then one of the home remedy I can tell you is warm few drops of musturd oil and let it cool down in a way that it will not  be too hot and not too cold. Touch it with finger, if you can tolereate it then put it in the ear and then notice the result.


Do this treatment at your level only because if any thing wrong will happen then I will not be responsible for this.



Posted on Jan 5, 2011
Katherine Johnson   L4: Guide   11 answers   +13 votes
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There is a disease called Tinnitus which causes a person to hear any number of things that would be undetectable to others, such as buzzing, ringing, scratching sounds, pulsing (like a heart beat) and some even more irritating sounds. While this condition is usually a irritation and nothing more, for some it can be a very big problem as it could cause them to have headaches, nausea, vertigo, difficulty sleeping and difficulty concentrating. Because this is a major problem you may need to see a physician who will prescribe medications or ear drops that may help you with the problem. There is also some tools that help a person to redirect the noise to something more manageable. The Internet gives you a full range of natural tinnitus treatments that can be done from your own home, and there are many different exercises you can do to help you to be relieved of this problem. If none of these work, again seek a physician as they may find that the tinnitus was caused by some other underlying problem you may be having such as inner ear problems or ear infections. Good luck.

Posted on Jan 6, 2011

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