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+1,356 positive votes, 110 articles published, 862,827 views total, 280 comments, 93 forum posts
My Bio
I owned two restaurants before the age of 30. When the economy bottomed out, and my customers started to lose their jobs and homes, I was forced to give up them up. I ended up losing everything. I decided to go back to school and work tirelessly towards a PhD. It's been a long road and it's been bumpy, but ever since I was a child there were only two things I ever wanted to do. Cook and dig in the dirt. I've already accomplished one of my dreams, so I figured life was too short to live the same day twice.
Member Since
Nov 28, 2009
Services I Provide
Ancient Digger Owner (promoter of anthropology and archaeology news), Professional Blogger, Book Reviewer
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Topics I'm an Expert in
Blogging, Cooking, Restaurant ownership, Archaeology, History
Schools I've Attended
Degrees I've Received
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management, BA Anthropology, Working Towards PhD TESOL/Linguistics
Job Positions I've Held
Executive Chef, Restaurant Owner, CEO of Ancient Digger

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