Organic Hair Care Solutions: The Benefits of Rosemary
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Organic Hair Care Solutions: The Benefits of Rosemary

Organic hair care solutions made from rosemary are among the best and most popular treatments for dandruff, scalp irritation and hair loss.

Today, more people prefer to use organic hair care solutions over commercial hair products in the market. Not only are they cheaper. Organic hair care solutions nourish your hair without damaging your scalp. This is because they are made from natural plants and ingredients that you easily find at home or in your garden. Organic hair care solutions do not contain petroleum-based ingredients and synthetic chemicals and colorants that are bad for your hair. Oftentimes, these substances cause scalp irritation, dandruff and even hair loss.

Rosemary is one of the most effective and oldest herbal plant used as an organic hair care solution. The woody herb is mostly found in the Mediterranean. Rosemary has light blue flowers that usually blooms from March to May. However for most tonics and organic hair care solutions, the rosemary sprigs are used more often than the flowers or the rest of the plant. It is an aromatic herb that acts as a stimulant, analgesic and disinfectant that promotes hair growth and shine.

The many benefits of rosemary as an organic hair care solution is attributed to the camphor content of the plant. Rosemary is rich in phyto-estrogens. Phyto-estrogens work as important female hormones that fights hair loss. Phyto-estrogens are also essential in promoting hair growth and in the natural and healthy development of your hair.

Read on to know more about the benefits of rosemary on your hair and the many ways it can be prepared as an organic hair care solution.

Rosemary Water Infusion As An After-Shampoo Rinse/ Conditioner

One of the many benefits of rosemary is to eliminate dandruff and clean your scalp from chemical build-up and impurities by using it as an after-shampoo rinse or conditioner. All you need to do is to put your rosemary water infusion throughout your hair after shampooing. You do not need to rinse your hair with additional fresh water because the rosemary rinse has a very pleasant smell aside from strengthening your hair. It will also leave a very nice shine on your hair once dried.

Making the water infused rosemary rinse is very simple. You can use either the fresh or dried sprigs. Just take a handful of the sprigs and place it in a pot full of water. Then, bring the mixture into a boil and simmer it for 15 minutes under low fire. Let your rosemary water infusion cool down and strain it into a clear container.

Rosemary Oil As A Treatment To Fight Hair Loss

Rosemary benefits the hair by strengthening hair roots and by supporting hair follicles. This makes rosemary an effective natural treatment for hair loss. To get the full advantage of rosemary as a topical solution for your hair, it is best to use rosemary oil. This rosemary oil solution can be easily made at home. You will need fresh rosemary sprigs and extra-virgin olive oil. Olive oil is also known to be very helpful as a scalp and hair-nourishing substance. Mixed with rosemary, it makes for an extremely effective cure to stop hair loss.

To make your homemade rosemary oil, wash and dry about one or two handfuls of fresh rosemary sprigs. Rub the rosemary sprigs lightly between your palms once they are clean and dry. Rubbing the sprigs this way will release the flavor of rosemary. The next step is to place the sprigs in a clean bottle and to pour extra-virgin olive oil over it. Pour enough amount of oil to cover the sprigs well. Seal the bottled mixture tightly and leave the bottle in a dark cupboard for two weeks before using it.

You can use the rosemary oil to massage your scalp and hair. Leave it on your hair overnight so that the oil can penetrate your hair roots and shafts. Do this treatment on your hair weekly for a few weeks and your hair will regain its strength and grow back healthy.

Rosemary Vinegar Hair Rinse As A Topical Solution To Regain Hair Loss

Another way you can use rosemary as a topical solution to regain hair loss is by making a homemade rosemary vinegar. To make this topical solution, you will need organic apple cider vinegar to mix with the dried rosemary sprigs. Apple cider is a good substance to mix with rosemary as a topical solution because of its hair-rejuvenating properties. This mixture is an extremely effective remedy for dull, weak and shedding hair.

To prepare the rosemary vinegar hair rinse, fill a clean jar or bottle with dry rosemary sprigs and pour enough amount of apple cider vinegar to cover the herbs. Seal the bottle and leave the mixture to ferment in a dark cool place for at least two weeks, Make sure to shake the bottle occasionally while the mixture ferments.

You should use rosemary vinegar hair rinse at least once a week for you to regain hair loss. Simply add a few tablespoons of the mixture with lukewarm water and use it as your last rinse. Pour the mixture on your hair and scalp. Do not rinse it further with fresh water. The smell of the apple cider vinegar will soon evaporate and your hair will be left with the aroma of rosemary. You will have healthy full grown hair within a few months of regular use of rosemary vinegar.

With all these benefits of rosemary as an organic hair care solution, it is not surprising that rosemary is the oldest and one of the most respected herbs even in our modern times.

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Ceci, this article is a reminder to plant some rosemary again in my yard. It is a very well written article like usual and I love it.

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@Beverly: Thanks as always. @Rae: Thanks for the support and you are most welcome. I have tired these hair solutions myself, i hope it works for you too.


Thanks Lucia.

Thanks for sharing; I prefer natural remedies; good information.


I love rosemary oil, have always been using it to treat under skin acne! I also love these hair care products

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