Online Computer Repair Courses
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Online Computer Repair Courses

Learn a new trade in Computer repair.

In today's world, we are finding more and more older people learning how to use computers so that they can easily communicate with family members all over the world.  This doesn't mean necessarily that they can actually keep their computer systems up and running. 

A good example of this era in computer use would be that of my now 93 year old grandmother.  She didn't start using a computer until she was in her late 80's.  She found that since the rest of us "youngsters" were using them to communicate with friends and family, that she needed to do so as well, simplifying things for us so that she could still know what is going on.  This was great, however, if something happened to her computer system, who would fix it for her?  Given that she lives in a retirement community, it would have to be one of our relatives, if they could manage it. 

Today, many agencies like the retirement community that my grandmother lives in are now trying to provide computer technical advisors to help with situations that may occur with the computers our elderly use.  Thus, making sure that their systems are running smoothly and they can continue to communicate and do what they wish over the internet just like the rest of us. 

Given this new demand, it is difficult to find someone that can repair computers with out the necessary skills.  Oh sure, there are many people out there that could do a temporary fix or even charge huge amounts of money to correct a problem, but, what if the person needing the repairs could not afford to pay.  Well, then a computer is not being used, that elderly person no longer has that to communicate with family. 

With this new development, a need is going out and people are needed to help fullfill that need.  Our technical world is going by leaps and bounds, most of which is around computers.  Computers need people to be able to repair them.  With this growing need, there is a need for proper education.  Many organizations are now requiring to see some sort of certification or degree in computer repair, making sure that the person they are hiring are qualified to do the job and do it efficiently. 

There is still a huge number of young adults that are not attending college.  Either due to lack of funds or due to not knowing what type of career might peak their interest.  With this ever growing society of technology, it is the perfect market for our youth to be involved in, it is a stable area for job security.  There will always be a need for someone to be able to fix necessary problems. 

How to get training...

For many of us we are struggling with current jobs, due to the economy being so poor, many of us feel we don't have the time it would take to pursue a career in computer repairs.  Not true. 

Many universities are now offering classes in this subject online.  The classes are offered either at your own pace or set with specific evening ours with video broadcasting to help meet the needs of students all around the world. 

Many of these universities and colleges are well known schools.  If you are looking to change jobs and are intersted in computers, this may be the route for you, being to help the elderly using your knowledge and skills in the computer field. 

Schools and what they have to offer...

Devry University-

You can apply for a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Forensics.

You can apply for an Associate's Degree in Electronics & Computer Technology

 If you are interested in course study information from Devry on any of the studies listed above you will have to contact Devry through their website to get the additional information. 

Lincoln College Online-

Lincoln College offers a cources called NCIS (Network Communications and Information Systems) - The curiculm includes: Database Essentials, PC Repair and Support, Networking tools and techniques.  This is an Associate's Degree Course, which means that you will have your degree for NCIS in two years.  This course also assists you in the understanding of many different types of computer programming systems that you may face through out your career in the computer repair field.

Penn Foster University-

Penn Foster offers a complete course that is strictly based around the repair and maintenance of computers.  You will learn the following: 

  • Hardware, including printers, notebooks and PDAs
  • Software, including operating systems and data recovery
  • Networking protocols and topology
  • PC troubleshooting and repair technique

You can study online as well as in print.  Penn Foster can and will send you all the materials you will need to complete the course in the amount of time you have.  Yep, that's right at your own pace.

Penn Foster considers this a career program and thus it is a dipolma of completion that is received in this course.  If you are interested in more information, it is best to go to the website and ask for additional information on this course study.

Kaplan University-

Kaplan is a leading university in online classes.  They have become experts in this field and have helped millions of people get the degrees that they need.

Kaplan has a "School of Information Technology".  Through this course you will get full training in many aspects of the computer world to include computer repair.  The repair however can also extend into learning how to fix software issues as well.  Which can lead to additional jobs.

It is best just like many other "online" schools to go to their website to ask for additional information.

In your area....

If you are interested in studying at a university closer to home, check and see if the local universities and colleges in your area offer online courses of study in computer repair.  You may be completely surprised at what you find.


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