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Netlawman is the largest supplier of genuine legal documents that can be bought and downloaded on the internet. It is a much easier way of sourcing legal documents for your business or personal needs, rather than going to see your attorney/solicitor and is a more cost effective way of handling your legal affairs. Wills, Power of Attorney and Probate documents can be found here along with Shareholder Agreements and Company Sale and Purchase documents. The documents have been designed by a team of solicitors and specialist barristers in plain English and all include explanatory notes. There is 5 minutes free legal e-support for each document purchased. There is a panel of solicitors available on Netlawman that can provide further paid assistance for editing or support if needed. Netlawman also features a document drafting service, if the document you require is not a template on their website. This can be useful if your business is not main-stream and requires specialist wording. 

Buying legal documents over the internet can save you hundreds of pounds, compared to the alternative of visiting a solicitor and having them drawn up. It also saves you time, as you don't have to arrange appointments or take time off work to visit your legal advisor. Netlawman have several countries they operate in, which are the UK, Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and South Africa. You can download legal documents in any of these jurisdictions. You can literally buy a document one minute and print it off the next, so you can begin work on your project immediately. It's that simple!

Net Law Man: What makes it different?

As Netlawman has one of the biggest archives of legal documents available to download on the web, most of the other websites who offer a legal document service, seem to offer extremely limited services by comparison. Whilst other companies tend to offer wills, tenancy agreements, agency agreements, software license agreements and employment agreements, you'll find Netlawman offer all of these and much, much more. There is an immense library of documents and all you need to do is search for the one applicable to you, pay and download. If you can't find the document you are looking for, most other companies will direct you to see your nearest solicitor. Not so in the case of Netlawman. They have a document drafting service and can draft a document to your precise requirements. The service is fast, simple and low cost. 

What really makes Netlawman stand out from the competition is the fact that they provide guidance notes for completing the form and an already completed example to make things simpler for you. They will then give you advice on where the completed form should be sent to, addressed to whom and what other fees and documents you will need to send with it. For many of the forms, they will provide a version in word processor friendly format, so that you can save your data on your computer. 

Netlawman has a wealth of information articles at your disposal, to help you on topics from divorce and separation to tenancy agreements. It has included a section on 'Acts of Parliament' so that you may check current laws and regulations for yourself. They also feature a blog and a newsletter covering recent topics regarding the law. There is also a complete list of County, Crown and Magistrates Courts for your ease of use. 

Netlawman quite simply offers much more than the competition, at very competitive rates and in simple and easy to understand English.

Net Law Man vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Net Law Man)

Clickdocs also offers a service which enables you to download legal documents. It is nowhere near as comprehensive as that of Netlawman and seems to offer the most popular standard legal documents only. This website doesn't have an easy interface to use and looks quite 'cramped' to the eye. It is lacking in backup information, such as helpful information articles or a newsletter or blog and has little extra resources for the user. 

They do however offer six free legal forms, which appears to be a great customer benefit until you look at them. One was an 'Enduring Power of Attorney' which has been replaced by a newer document for which they charge a fee and two of the others related to tenancy agreements in Scotland. Not quite as useful as you might have hoped.

With regards to cost, Clickdocs are very similar in comparison to Netlawman and the difference is measured in pennies only, although Clickdocs tend to come out the cheapest. Clickdocs are only suitable for UK inhabitants.

UKlegaldocuments are another competitor who offers the sale and purchase of legal documents on the web. They have an extremely limited, main-stream collection of documents and very little else to offer on their website. 

Their price is favourable compared to that of Netlawman and their documents often work out a few pounds cheaper, but there seems to be very limited customer support available and some of the language is very technical and will not be easily understood by the general public. With regards to their will document, they start talking about 'tax exemption thresholds' and give little help, beyond asking the customer to seek additional advice. 

This would only be a good option if you wanted a main-stream legal document and you already have a basic knowledge of the legal know-how required to complete it. 

Net Law Man: Pricing & packages

Netlawman offer a standard will from £10 and a Lasting Power of Attorney from £12. e-Commerce documents starts at £29.

Clickdocs offer a standard will from £9.94 and a Lasting Power of Attorney from £11.28. e-Commerce packages start at £39.95.

UKlegaldocuments charge £7.99 for a basic Last Will and Testament but there are very limited versions of this document available. They didn't offer a Lasting Power of Attorney and their e-Commerce documents started at £34.99.

Netlawman offer a very competitive price for a very professional service. You'll have all the tools you need with which to complete your document and e-support is there as back-up if a problem arises and you need an adjustment to your document. Netlawman seems to offer much more for your money than the other two companies listed above. Netlawman simplifies the process and gives you all the addresses and contacts you'll need to make your document legal, they help you to fill in your document using clear, plain English and you'll have a sample document already filled in for reference. You can be confident of a professional document, whilst using Netlawman, without the need to visit a solicitor in person.

Net Law Man: Product images & screenshots
Net Law Man Coupons
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Net Law Man: Customer reviews & comments

Here is what Netlawman's customers and followers have been saying about them:

Reader Reviews:
User Rating5 Star Rating

From robertmarkau, Member

Name of product: 

Net Lawman Legal Documents
How frequently did you use the service?:  daily
Which plan did you use? 

All documents are written in plain English.

5 minutes free legal e-support for all document purchases.

Team of solicitors provide paid support and further editing as you need.

Contact the actual draftsman (for many documents).

Explanatory drafting notes help you understand your document

What was the monthly cost of your plan? 

Help yourself to save A$000s. Many people visit this website but do not quite have the courage to "do it yourself". Net Lawman document templates are really easy to use. You can fill in your own data or make major changes. If you can run a business, you can work on a Net Lawman document template.

Do you believe it was a good value for the price?  Yes
Did you or will you renew your subscription?  Yes
How would you rate the quality of this service?  Better than most services
How would you rate your overall experience with it?  Mostly positive
My Review: 

Netlawman is a simple cost effect way of preparing many of the legal documents my business requires. What a fabulous service - far less hassle than finding a solicitor who would charge the earth! Your templates have saved me valuable time and money in helping to create our website designed to help people choose their perfect dog or puppy. Purchasing such agreements is simple, the quality is fine, and there is much less hassle (and expense) compared to having it gererated through traditional means!


Efficient and professional. Nothing was too much trouble. We were delighted with the service.
Amanda Clarke 
Explore Abroad Ltd Trading as Uncover Egypt

Neglecting to make a will can leave your loved ones in the lurch should the worst happen - but too many people put off visiting a high street solicitor for year after year, and their wills remain undone. Now Net Lawman is riding to the rescue with a range of simple, do-it-yourself will templates that are legally watertight, convenient and available at fees that won't take a big bite out of your legacy. 

The Norfolk-based online legal service provider is launching 17 downloadable, low cost will templates which cater for a variety of needs. The simplest costs just £10 and even the more complex templates cost only £29. 


Net Lawman - Legal Services
(Which Way To Pay - 18/1/2011)
Net Lawman really is the bottom line in online legal documentation shops.
It allows you to purchase an enormous variety of legal forms ona wide subject range for very reasonable prices. What's more, you are not left on your own straight after the purchase but you are provided with a free 5 minutes of e-support. As well as this there are a team of supporting solicitors that are there ts provide you with an after-care editing service whilst you are adding to your documents. You will also have the support of explanatory drafting notes that will help you to work through your document.
The programme allows you to edit, add to or delete things on your document so that you are not restricted at all. As well as purchasing, you can also place documents for sale on Net Lawman and there is an opportunity for you to get involved as a specialist in your field. There is also the chance to get a professional discount on the Net Lawman service.

4 Star Rating

Description: Established in 2002, Net Lawman are the largest supplier of online legal documents and forms. As a proud supporter of 'plain English' documents, the documents are increasingly popular. They supply documents for small and large businesses, government organisations, NGOs, charities and individuals. You can save time, worry and legal fees by choosing Net Lawman. Further, if they do not stock the document you require, their team of in-house law professionals can draw it for you. 

Average Visitor Rating:  5 (out of 5)
Number of Ratings: 2 Votes


Netlawman appears to take the worry and stress out of all your legal requirements. You will find all their documents with straight forward, easy to follow instructions. This means that you can complete all your legal documentation from the comfort of your own home or office, having bought and printed them out merely seconds before. It is convenient, quick and extremely cost efficient. Once you've completed one, I suspect you'll never look back. 

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Comments (3)
Ranked #12 in

A great review about a very useful site for purchasing legal documents. This information will be useful to everyone.

Excellent review.thanks Ann

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Nice review of a web site whose business is spread out worldwide.

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