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Mushrooms Improve Immunity and Help Fight Cancer

Mushrooms enhance the immune mechanisms of the body and also perk up the defense forces. WhatÂ’s more, theyÂ’re being touted as the next tumor-terminators.

Research and laboratory investigations suggest that button mushrooms, are wonder foods that enhance the body’s immune mechanism significantly.In a clinical trial, pounded white button mushrooms were administered to mice, and results showed a boost in the manufacture of natural killer cells in them. These killer cells have the potential to shield the body against cancers and virus infected cells.

What are Button Mushrooms?

Button mushrooms actually resemble miniature umbrellas.

There are 3 varieties of button mushrooms – the white button mushroom, brown button mushroom, and brown-open button mushroom.

These belong to the Agaricus Bisporus family.

According to the ancient Egyptians, the mushrooms own the secret to immortality. Consequently, decrees were enforced, and only the Pharaohs were permitted access to them and allowed to eat them.

Nutritional Highlights of the Button Mushrooms :

1. Button mushrooms are excellent sources of the vitamin B group.

2. Mushrooms also provide liberal amounts of copper, selenium and zinc.

3. Phyto-chemicals (powerful anti-oxidants) are also found in great abundance in button mushrooms.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms :

Mushrooms possess highly potent immune-enhancing, infection-fighting and anti-cancer elements. They augment the levels of the NK cells (or the natural killer cells), that have a very vital part to play in battling cancer.

Mushrooms improve the phagocytic activity of the macrophages, i.e. the phagocytes and the macrophages swallow up and obliterate cancer cells, infectious agents, and foreign bodies.

Tips to Select Mushrooms:

  1. If possible, always select fresh mushrooms.
  2. The mushrooms must be firm, fleshy, plump and clean. Steer clear of mushrooms that are greasy or wrinkled.
  3. Darkening of the flesh is an indication of aging. Opt for mushrooms that are white / light colored.
  4. Always ask for organically-grown mushrooms.
  5. Stock them in a paper bag.

Quick Serve Ideas or Recipes for Mushrooms:

  1. Mushrooms make wonderful and scrumptious additions to pizzas. For the pizza sauce, add pureed tomato, diced and sautéed onions, garlic and chopped mushrooms.
  2. Lightly brush mushrooms and vegetables with olive oil, and skewer them on to kebab skewers. Sprinkle a few herbs of your choice. Grill.
  3. Stuffed mushrooms are a delectable snack option. Get rid of the stems and fill them with a cheese and vegetable filling. Grill or lightly sauté.

Watch out! Precautions of Mushroom Consumption :

  1. Some kinds of mushrooms bring on diarrhea and gaseous distension of the abdomen, if eaten in huge amounts.
  2. Allergic reactions, chiefly, skin rashes have also been testified occasionally.
  3. Mushrooms supply loads of purines. Thus, individuals with high levels of serum uric acid or those suffering from gout should avoid the consumption of mushrooms.

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Very informative. I've always loved mushrooms. Button mushrooms, especially.