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Most Common Sleep Disorders

What is insomnia? What are the most common sleep disorders?

If you can’t sleep then you are not alone. There are many who face the same problem. Insomnia is certainly not rare. Insomnia is the fact that you cannot fall asleep or stay asleep. So in fact it doesn’t really matter how many hours of sleep you do get- what’s important when you wake up in the morning you don’t feel that you had rest and you feel tired throughout the day. It can affect all age group including the children. But it gets far worse with the age and insomnia is twice more common in women than men.

Insomnia can be acute that can last for a less than a month or chronic lasting for months or longer. Acute insomnia can result of period of stress, illness or physical discomfort. Some medications can cause temporary insomnia as can environmental factor such as new location, bright light or loud noise. Chronic insomnia meanwhile more often related to depression, anxiety and stress. Another common sleep difficulty is Circadian Rhythm Disorder. This results from disruption of body’s internal clock or 24 hours sleep cycle. This clock is actually a small part of the brain called Suprachiasmatic Nucleus of the Hypothalamus. This rests above the nerve leading the back of the eyes. The common of Circadian Rhythm Disorder are including jet lags and working odd hours. That’s because unusual exposure to light and changes in activity can affectively reset the body’s clock.

Snoring is very common and it can create problem to the sleepers. This rattling sound is produced when air passes over the throats relaxed tissue. Sometimes snoring can cause more serious problem called sleep apnea; which occurs when upper airway becomes blocked interrupting breathing for the brief periods during the night. People with sleep apnea are often overweight. Also, people with sleep apnea often have a small inner throat. In addition sleep apnea often occurs people with enlarged tonsils.

Restless leg syndrome is a condition where a person experiences severe discomfort in the legs and feet. This can often only be eased by walking around. Because this syndrome picks during the night it can cause hours of sleep loss to restless pacing. Sleepwalking is a disorder that occurs during non-REM sleep. Sleepwalkers can perform any range of activities while they aren’t awake. Such as turning on the TV or making a sandwich! Yet they often do not remember about these activities on the next day.

Another sleep stealer is narcolepsy; this disorder causes day time sleepiness. People with narcolepsy experience constant tiredness during the day and often find long naps refreshing. On rare occasions narcolepsy can result brief sleep attack when sufferer falls asleep during middle of the day while doing the normal routine business.

Sleep is extremely important for the health. So anyone who is suffering from sleep disorder should consult to doctor immediately.


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These are some of the common seen sleep disorders.

Very helpful tips.

So many sleeping disorders...gr8 compilation and research.