Midlife Crisis and Weight Gain: The 3Ms To Avoid Midlife Weight Gain
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Midlife Crisis and Weight Gain: The 3Ms To Avoid Midlife Weight Gain

how to avoid midlife weight gain

Losing weight is a concern not just of young people from all over the world, but especially so by middle aged men and women. While the young normally focus on the physical aspect of losing weight, the older of the lot have their health in mind.

Weight gain is considered by some people to be part of their midlife crisis. One of the first things you notice once you have become middle aged is the fact that shopping for clothes isn’t as enjoyable for you as it used to. Now that you are in your mid-40s, you don’t splurge on buying clothes anymore because trying them on just makes you frustrated that you cannot fit in them, anyway. Have you ever noticed that when you try putting jeans on, you start to have a muffian top, wherein your belly starts spilling over your jeans? Then when you check your weight on the scale, you find yourself over 10 pounds your weight a few years back.

Yes, as it is, gaining weight is actually expected during the midlife years. Because during this time, the body releases hormones that influence weight, plus, poor lifestyle choices, eating more, exercising less and even stress. These all could add up to people in their 40’s to gain weight without their realizing them happening before their very eyes.

So don’t ever think that you are all alone in battle against midlife weight gain. So many others are going through the same experience as you. It’s true that there is cause for concern when you gain weight beyond the healthy range, but know that this is something you can actually have control over.

If you are middle aged and you don’t want to go through the process of gaining weight, or at the very least minimize its impact, there are just three 3Ms you should be mindful of - mind, muscle and mouth. If you want to keep a healthy weight then the thing you should do is avoid stress at all times, and positive thinking does the trick in this case. Get yourself to ditch negative thoughts, and losing the pounds should become easier.

One other thing is you should be careful with what you put in your mouth. Watching what you eat is very important now that you are not exactly young anymore. Comfort foods which at one time did provide you with “comfort” are the very foods that can cause many discomforts in your life. Now that you are forty or beyond, it’s time to be wiser and to be more aware of the foods that you are eating. Quality means that you have to take foods that are rich in nutrients and those that are found to be very beneficial to your body such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins like fish and lean meats.

The third “M” which stands for Muscle would refer to exercise programs and weight training that serve to build muscles. Get your doctor’s advice first, though, especially if you are not in the peak of health to begin with. If your doctor clears you, then wait no longer; go ahead and exercise. Just always remember to take things slowly and gradually. Don’t push yourself too hard. By finishing off with exercises, you are sure to keep those pounds off.

Well, as you can see, you can definitely avoid midlife weight gain just by being mindful of the 3Ms – mind, mouth, and muscle.


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