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I'm Taylor, Head of Community at Cloud of Goods. Cloud of Goods is the new easy way to rent everything you want and have it delivered to wherever you are in any of the 10 cities we currently serve. We are happy to provide mobility scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals, stroller rentals and more wherever you need them!
Taylor Gut posted an answer to: What's your preferred ridesharing app? — 2 months ago
I travel frequently for work and Uber has been the easiest and most reliable.  Once you begin your ride, the app actually has a feature where you can access your safety kit if for any reason you feel unsafe. I have never had to use it thankfully and I have not heard otherwise from other users.  Their customer support has always been super helpful.  I had an experience in San Francisco when my driver missed a turn so I was charged the toll fee unnecessarily.  All it took wa...
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Taylor Gut posted an answer to: What's the thinnest wallet brand you've tried? — 2 months ago
I have always been a huge fan of thin wallets.  In the past I have used this wallet from Amazon and it worked awesome.  It is slim yet sturdy and help 4 cards and some cash.  Another option too that I recently switched ...
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Taylor Gut posted an answer to: What stores sell Adidas Yeezy sneakers? — 2 months ago
There's a store in New York City on Howard called Stadium Goods with a pretty substantial selection.  If you're not in New York you can shop online for the Yeezy sneakers and other Kanye West apparel.  https://knoji.com/gostore/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.stadiumgoods.com%2Fadidas%2Fyeezy-boost
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Each Airbnb host will have a different policy for cancellations.  This policy is clearly stated in the listing information before you place your reservation.  These policies vary from 48 hour cancellations to cancellations the week prior.  There may also be terms such as "cancellations 48 hours prior to reservation will result in 50% refund".  I recommend reading the hosts' policies in great detail. I have used Airbnb on several occasions and the ...
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Taylor Gut posted an answer to: Does Amazon offer free returns & exchanges? — 3 months ago
At this time, it appears that Dante Labs does not offer free returns and exchanges. However, you can find more information on Dante Labs's returns and exchanges policy on this page. You might also browse their homepage for more information on returning items.
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Cloud of Goods is quickly becoming the travelers go-to companion for rental gear! All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and routinely inspected before each delivery! We offer brands such as Britax, Joovy, and Graco baby gear; Pride, Driver, and Medline mobility equipment to name a few.  Feel free to explore the wide selection of rental gear at www.cloudofgoods.com.
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