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As the proud Chief of SEO at Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO SeattleĀ® I feel I have helped to provide business website owners with a true SEO consideration when conducting an SEO audit. Whether targeting local traffic or Global. We hope you will consider our Seattle SEO Company. Leading The Way For Over 10 Years - A+ Rated BBB - Seattle's Best SEO Agency and Team of Google Experts with the record to prove it. Many SEO campaigns can be provided with realistic guarantees. Just ask us... Other online consulting institutions I have worked for include companies such as AT&T.
There have been many Google updates and changes in recent months that simply can't be done or at best are difficult to apply when using many of the most popular of "website builders" that seem to me more dedicated to providing ease of use and other wow type factors rather than the technically correct side for optimal online visibility. There is simply a lot more you may want to consider when opting for a front-end friendly user interface (UI) offered by most website ...
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