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Hey, I’m Santa. I’m an Internet Marketing Specialist living in the United States. I am a fan of dogs, animals, and crafts. I’m also interested in shopping.
Santta Quirfe asked a question: — 3 months ago
As you might guess, I watch a lot of animal shows on TV and since I watch these shows, I also see a lot of animal product commercials. What I have noticed lately is a trend toward some bad human behavior not only to sell a product but also to make money on video shows. Oh, I can see the wheels turning already! You're all thinking, "What is she talking about now?"Well, last weekend a popular video show aired their last show of the season showing the five finalists one of which was a small dog, I believe was a Chihuahua, showing his teeth and growling at the camera. His eyes were glowing red from the camera lights, which made him look devilish.The red eyes weren't a problem since that happens in flash photography anyway. It was the dogs behavior that bothered me most. He was reacting to something someone behind the camera was doing. Now, most viewers didn't see a problem with that since they voted for this video to win. What I saw was a dog being teased so that the humans could tape his reaction. In my book that is abusive since they most likely show off to their friends every chance they get. Everyone laughs and has a good time at the expense of the poor dog.Then there are the commercials. I think they bother me even more. My favorites to hate are the ones where the housewife complains that the room smells of dog while the dog hides under a chair. Well, if you smell dog maybe you should give him a bath instead of using air freshener.Then there are the kitty litter ads. I just love them. If you have a cat and there is an odor maybe it's time to change the litter. The cheapest litter on the market will do it's job if you change it regularly.Oh! And don't forget about those commercials with the cute little Lab puppies slipping and sliding over slippery floors. How adorable! I just can't wait to see the look on the owners face a year from now when the vet hands him a bill for $300.00 to repair a torn cruciate ligament. (ACL for you sports fans)But my all time favorite is a car commercial. I'd love to meet the person who wrote this one. It shows some people riding in a car. In the back seat is a guy with ( I think) a longhaired Chihuahua who is barking at him. First off the dog isn't crated or belted, he's just bouncing around barking when the driver asks if the passenger is bothered by that. Well, if the passenger isn't, I am. In an accident, a loose pet becomes a projectile. Not only will he most likely be injured but so too can one of the passengers.For more information about bestfriendandyou read here.