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Rebtel Team posted an answer to: Does Rebtel accept PayPal? — 5 months ago
We researched this but could not find clear answer to whether James & James takes PayPal currently. You can see this page for any more up-to-date information on whether James & James accepts PayPal. Please also refer to their homepage for any updates to their PayPal policies.
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Rebtel Team posted an answer to: Does Rebtel take Google Pay as a payment option? — 5 months ago
We did not find any indication that Costco accepts Google Pay or Android Pay, so it appears that likely do not accept it. You may check out this page for any updated information on their payment policies. Check their homepage for any updates to their policies for payment forms accepte...
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Rebtel Team posted an answer to: How do I contact Rebtel? — 5 months ago
You can contact customer service via email or chat.Our support team replies to email within 24 hours and you can reach them by emailing to, our support is offered in English, French or Spanish. Please make sure you receive a confirmation email with your ticket number to be sure your request was received.To enter our live chat, you can log into your account on my.rebtel .com and on the right side you will see the chat window pop in your window.We hope th...
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Hi!Rebtel is a legit company that has been operating for more than a decade and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.We are a diverse team of 90 employees from 40 different nationalities. Feel free to check our website for more information and contact us if you have any questions.
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Hi!The Knoji Staff has already provided you with an answer to your question and all our social media channels. It is also worth to mention that we have launched our own magazine called Beyond Borders.Beyond Borders is an online magazine for all those who identify with the reality of a life beyond arbitrary lines drawn on a map - and all the struggles that come with it.We hope you check it out on beyond-borders . com or facebook/beyondbordersmag
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Rebtel Team posted an answer to: Can I use Apple Pay at Rebtel? — 6 months ago
We researched whether Hobby Lobby currently takes Apple Pay, but we did not find any information indicating they currently take Apple Pay as a payment option. You might be able to find information about Hobby Lobby's Apple Pay policies here. You can also look on their homepage...
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It's not clear if FOCX Wallet has a money-back guarantee. Learn more about FOCX Wallet and their policies on their page here. You can also get more information on their homepage.
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Based on our research, it does not appear that FOCX Wallet offers a specific military discount. You can check their customer FAQ page for any updated information about FOCX Wallet's veteran discounts and offers. You might also check out their homepage to see if they've posted any additional informatio...
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We researched this, and it does not look like FOCX Wallet offers free returns currently. You will find the most current information on FOCX Wallet's returns and exchanges policy on this page. Please check out their homepage for more information on returning items.
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Rebtel Team posted an answer to: Does Rebtel offer free shipping? — 6 months ago
It's not clear whether KKMC Design offers free shipping all the time. KKMC Design's shipping policies can vary from time to time. It might be best to visit their site to get the latest up to date info on their shipping policies here. You can always try their homepage to see if they have additional information posted about their shipping polic...
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Rebtel Team posted an answer to: Does Rebtel ship internationally? — 6 months ago
Hi Sera,As TinTinB mentioned, our services are available worldwide but we do not ship products as we offer international calls, all our services can be purchased through our website or app.We hope this helps.Cheers!
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Hi Iris!Rebtel is an international calling app that offers you cheap premium quality calls without internet to mobiles or landlines, messaging, group calls, free app to app calls (with internet), recharge services and even jobs with our Activists programme!We offer different types of subscriptions depending to the country and World Credits that can be used to call anywhere in the world.Check out the Rebtel website for more.Cheers!
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Hi James,Rebtel has very accessible rates for premium quality calls and a variety of options to call that you can adjust to your needs. If you are a frequent caller for example, you can purchase a subscription and call at a very low rate. If you don't call often, you can purchase World Credits that expire after one year.You can check all our rates in the Rebtel website.We hope this helps!
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