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They have a Bonus Club. Free to join, for every $1 you spend they give you 1 point. After 100 points, you get a $10 off coupon sent to your email. You can join online or in store.
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Their pricing is based on the stuffed animal and if it is a licensed item. BABW’s line of stuffed animals start at $12-$16 (depends on location) and can go up to $40-$50. The licensed products tend to start at $22 and the highest I’ve seen is $50-60 for limited edition collectors items (mainly the princess bears that have the full set up). The sounds, scents, heartbeats, clothing, shoes, etc. are all extra. Sounds start at $4, scents are $3.50, heartbeats are $6. The clothing can ...
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Norah DF posted an answer to: Can I use competitor coupons at Build A Bear? — 3 weeks ago
No. Build A Bear only honors their coupons. If you make a big enough deal about using the competition’s coupon, they will give in but they tend to be firm about using Build A Bear only coupons
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They used to send you a coupon on your birthday (for rewards members) but now offer a specific bear to children 14 and under. For that bear, you pay your child’s age. Perfect for kids but not the kid at heart
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Norah DF posted an answer to: Does Build A Bear have a price matching policy? — 3 weeks ago
Unfortunately no. The online website is considered a standalone store like all the physical locations. 
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No. In order to use all the coupons you have acquired, you would have to use them in separate transactions that equal to the amount minimum on said coupons. You may stack gift cards and coupons, gift cards and gift cards, but not coupons. 
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It depends on the store. The one I worked at offered 10% when the company offers 15-20%. It all depends on who is the store’s chief bear and if they follow company policy or not.
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