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Target just got better. I know, I know, I too had been previously stuck on the perspective that the Target Store was doing quite a remarkable job of holding its own and that aside from maybe logistical matters such as long lines or a few slower than desirable employees, they really did not need much improvement. Despite Target's already constant incoming profits, though, the company did in fact find a way to make their stores even better. With their recently released clothing collection, Target found a way to expand its selection of stylish apparel while simultaneously adapting to the eco-conscious trends of our current evolutionary times.
The answer is NO. They can never offer free return as their price is very low compared with other providers. So be careful to choose what you buy. 
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YES. Zara offers free returns for items purchased on their website in their policy. 
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Forever 21 sells fashion products and most of the products are with young fashion style just like those you wear when you're 21. In my observation, around 70% of their products are women clothing, accessories while 30% are for men. 
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YES. You can return to store according to their policy. However, you must keep the receipt to return your item to Puma. The clothing you return should also be clean and not dirty. 
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Jordon Bak posted an answer to: Does UNIQLO offer free shipping? — 2 weeks ago
For sure Uniqlo provides free shipping. But only weekdays. 
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You can post the website of H&M link on Alexa to check their traffic. From my side, I can see that H&M website has Alexa World Ranking of 598 which is a very high ranking for fashion website. I am not able to post link but you can check on Alexa website. 
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Jordon Bak posted an answer to: Does Hollister accept Apple Pay? — 2 weeks ago
I don't think Hollister accept Apple Pay but I am sure they soon will do. Many fashion store like Hollister still haven't setup the Apple Pay equipment but from time to time, more and more clothing store will accept it. 
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Jordon Bak posted an answer to: Does ModCloth price match? — 2 weeks ago
There is a FAQ page inside ModCloth website. The URL is: have stated that there is information about the price matching. 
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Jordon Bak posted an answer to: What is Starbucks's international shipping policy? — 2 weeks ago
Yes there is a page on They can ship to 185+ counties. 
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