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Brock Calderon posted an answer to: Does Zaxby's offer free shipping? — 12 months ago
Haha, don't they sell chicken? Maybe a better word for "shipping" would be "delivery". I don't expect them to offer that so I'm gonna give them a high rating here. 
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I have just spent a lot of time researching this and I can't say that I've found anything saying that Casper won't accept returns. I have read a couple people's reviews from Amazon and I guess the policy is different on Amazon, which makes sense to me. I would order straight from the site if you're concerned about the return policy.
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I know that Course Hero will let you do refunds, it looks pretty easy to me.From what I can tell it looks pretty straight forward, you just get in contact with customer support and fill out the right fields. They've got a system for it I think.Here's a screen shot from their site:
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