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Siara Hergenrader posted an answer to: Does Conair offer free shipping? — 15 months ago
For more information regarding Conair's shipping information, you can visit their website. Free shipping is not offered all the time and they do not ship on the weekends. Shipping rates can be found in a chart on their website, although their basic shipping fee is $5.95. Conair ships from Stamford, CT.
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Siara Hergenrader posted an answer to: How do I contact Barnes & Noble? — 15 months ago
Barnes and Nobles stores are located all over the country. For more information about store locations, you can visit the website and search your city or zip code through the store locator page. The management team is different for every location, so you'd have to contact the store directly to speak with them. You can contact them through the phone number listed next to your desired store on the website.
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There are a variety of different shoe stores that are comparable to Famous Footwear. Some of the most popular ones are DSW, Shoe Carnival, and Payless Shoe Source. Famous Footwear and DSW tend to be on more of the pricey side when it comes to quality shoes. Shoe Carvinal and Payless Shoe Source are more affordable and tend to have more variety for all members of the family. Rarely, do you find great deals at DSW or Famous Footwear, so if you're looking for a great deal on shoes for the wh...
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