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Rene Meyer posted an answer to: Miracle Sports Cream affiliate program?
Excellent. I found out about Miracle Sports Cream through my chiropractor. My doctor told me I needed a knee replacement and I was looking for alternatives. My chiro treated me and used this cream on me and I immediately felt better. I have been using it for a year and a half now. Not only do I not need surgery in the foreseeable future, I'm able to run again and have lost 15 lbs since. Truly a miracle.
3 months ago
Amazing. I don't know if it's CBD because they have a lot of other herbs in their formula. I tried other creams that had a ton of CBD and didn't do much. This one has 180mg a jar but it works wonders. So not sure if it's just the CBD but whatever is in there is amazing.
3 months ago
Rene Meyer posted an answer to: How expensive is Miracle Sports Cream?
They are on par with other CBD creams but work so much better so I would say value is superior. Also I signed up for the email list and they always run really good specials.
3 months ago
Rene Meyer wrote a review of: Miracle Sports Cream
This cream is amazing. I was told I needed a knee replacement surgery for my knee. I started using it for pain, and I felt much better. I began using it before going to exercise and it got me back to running! I've lost 15lb in the year and a half I've been using it and I feel like myself again. I tried everything. Bengay, Biofreeze, Icyhot, even many CBD and marijuana creams but this was the one that worked. Not just for pain but actually getting me out of the woods. I highly recommend.
3 months ago


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