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Akshay Jha asked a question: — 6 months ago
http://www.getfreebs.com/luna-gold-serum - Luna Gold Anti Wrinkle Serum contains whole collagen molecules,  antioxidants, and peptides which are blended using a proprietary  formulation to boost skin health. The combination of ingredients helps  improve the natural production of collagen and elastin protein. The  antioxidants in the serum are useful in forming a barrier against free  radicals that damage skin cell DNA.The  whole collagen molecules are an innovation which allows the collagen  molecules to penetrated deep into the dermal layer of the skin, giving  anti aging benefits from the cellular level. They also penetrate deeper  compared to fragments of hydrolyzed collagen used in similar products.  The increase in collagen results in an increase in skin hydration, skin  tissue architecture as well as skin cell regeneration. The boost in  elastin results in an increase in elasticity of the skin, moisture loss  reduction, and improved water retention.