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Top 3 Foods to Check Diabetes: Herbs to Control Elevated Blood Sugar Naturally

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder that can be successfully treated through healthy eating and integrating specific foods and herbs in the diet on a daily basis. Cinnamon, bitter melon and string beans are responsible for controlling blood sugar levels in the blood due to their potent hypoglycemic action.

Diabetes mellitus occurs due to impaired carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, and is clinically evident as elevated levels of the blood sugar.

Diet and life-style are crucial aspects of maintaining normal blood sugar levels and warding off the awful effects and complications that are associated with the disorder. The following foods are invaluable in the management of diabetes and prevent spiking of the serum sugar level :

Herb To Manage Diabetes: Cinnamon to control Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Laboratory assessments and clinical trials say, cinnamon functions like Insulin and helps lower blood sugar level appreciably. A double-blind clinical study demonstrated that 1 gram of cinnamon (¼ teaspoon of powdered cinnamon) taken everyday for an interval of 40 days reduces the fasting blood glucose level by 18 to 29 %. The exceptional and extraordinary benefits of the spice are because of the essential oils present in the bark of the cinnamon tree. Hence, adding a pinch of cinnamon to milkshakes, yogurt, cakes, cookies and muffins is greatly recommended. It keeps the serum sugar level in check.

Food for Diabetes:  Benefits of Bitter Melon in controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Research has authenticated the hypoglycemic effect of the juice of the bitter melon bitter gourd. Bitter melon exercises a potent anti-diabetic effect and prevents excessive variations in the blood sugar level. Charantin, a compound found in bitter gourd is more effective than most oral hypoglycemic drugs used in the treatment of diabetes. It also contains an insulin-like element called polypeptide P, which helps those suffering from diabetes to do away with or al least cut down on the usage of anti-diabetic drugs.

Two ounces of bitter melon juice is adequate to limit blood sugar fluctuations. Here’s a word of warning though, drinking extreme amounts of the juice (about 5 to 6 ounces) causes diarrhea. Therefore, take no more than two ounces of the juice.

Top Food for Diabetes Management: String Beans Benefits to Control Elevated Blood Sugar Naturally

String bean tea is an admirable source of natural Insulin and effectively manages diabetes mellitus. It keeps the blood glucose level in control and averts the onset of complications (diabetic retinopathy, diabetic foot, kidney damage, etc). The pods of the beans are packed with a hormone-like component that is directly linked to Insulin. One cup of string bean tea promises regular levels of blood glucose.

Handling Diabetes successfully entails a multi-disciplinary line of attack, comprising of a wholesome diet, including certain hypoglycemic foods, administering oral hypoglycemic drugs or insulin, regular exercise and effective stress-busting techniques.

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