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Product description

Medical Products Online Inc., helps people deal with chronic pain. The company aims to improve lives by providing products, education and the latest pain management as well as health care information.

Medical Products Online Inc. offers online customers products that are FDA approved, continuous support programs, education and certified services. The company was launched in 2006 and has since been having consistent sales growth. They have a huge database of faithful customers who gives so much value to their products, services and educational materials

Medical Products Online Inc. products include:

  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units. These units entail the passing of electric current through the body by means of electrodes taped to the skin. It is as small as a Walkman radio and is said to be the electrical version of acupressure or acupuncture.  It can give pain relief for a few hours up to a number of days.
  • Home Ultrasound units. These are therapeutic ultrasound devices that use high frequency sound waves to stimulate the flow of blood and the growth of cells to the painful part of the body. Frequent ultrasound therapy gives remarkable pain relief.
  • Muscle Stimulators. Relaxes the muscles and increases blood circulation to relieve pain. These devices also block the pain by increasing endorphins in the body.
  •   TENS pads. These are carbon electrode pads glued or attached to the skin that transmit impulses main nerves.  These pads are used in the TENS units, Inferential Units, Muscle Stimulators and Microcurrent Devices.

The inventory of Medical Products Online Inc., also include : DPL Light therapy, electrodes, Microcurrent devices, Inferential units, Bone growth stimulators,  microcurrent units, Clinic units, Russian stimulators, Boilfreeze pain relief devices, Traction / Bracing / Stabilization devices, Hot & Cold Therapy, sub-zero products, wires and batteries. They also offer free physical therapy. Medical Products Online, Inc. products have not received any complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Dunn and Brad Street.

Medical Products Online Inc, products are available to online customers worldwide with discounts up to 80% of the prevailing retail prices. Aside from the available discounts, MPOI gives free shipping within continental United States for orders worth above $100.

Medical Products Online: What makes it different?

Key differentiators

Medical Products Online Inc. specializes in products to relieve chronic pain. The company offers the latest products to control all kinds of pain in the body.  The company not only offers products, they also give education and the latest healthcare information. 

Medical Products Online Inc, products are available to online customers worldwide with discounts up to 80% of the prevailing retail prices. Aside from the available discounts, MPOI gives free shipping within continental United States for orders worth above $100.

Ever since it started operations in 2006, has become one of the most trusted providers of medical products in the world. All data sent out through their website is safe because they are encrypted with the Secure Sockets Layer. The website has gained the trust of thousands of customers worldwide, both small and large because of the reliability of their products, services and the lowest prices they have.

Customers regard the website as the best site for procuring medical products. The company gives detailed and easy to understand product descriptions. In addition, the links provided contain valuable and helpful information so the shopper can choose the best product for his particular chronic pain.

Medical Products Online vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Medical Products Online)

Compare vs. Leading Rivals

Medical Products Online

Medex Supply

Scrub and Beyond

Product Line

Specializes in chronic pain relief products

Medical supplies & equipment; surgical & home healthcare supplies

Specializes in medical apparel.

Customer Base


Medical Institutions


Coupon Codes

Have coupon codes available in website and affiliate programs.

Has coupon codes available in website

No coupon codes available;


Up to 80% off retail prices; has coupon codes available in their website

With special offers.


Free in continental U.S. for orders above $100.

Free within continental U.S.; free for above $100; free or discounted based on product.

Free for U.S. orders above $125.




U.S and Canada

Customer Education

Offers customer education on healthcare

No customer education offered

No customer education offered.

Medical Products Online: Pricing & packages


Each item product description at Medical Product Online includes the list price and the guaranteed lowest price. The guaranteed lowest price is the selling price. The guaranteed lowest prices are discounts of up to 80% off the list price. Percentage of discounts varies between products. Over and above the built-in discounts, customers can still redeem and use Coupon / Promotional Codes in this store for additional discounts.

A typical product price description in has these information:  Product Name: The MPO-5500 Professional Physical Therapy Muscle Stimulator; List Price: $449.00; Guaranteed Lowest Price: $69.00. A similar product at has a selling price of between $71.8 for the portable unit and $82.79 for the regular one.

Medical Products Online: Product images & screenshots
Medical Products Online Coupons
Get 40% to 65% Off Select Items @ Medical Products Online
Medical Products Online: Customer reviews & comments

Customer reviews & feedback

Customer reviews and feedback for both for the website and the products they offer are all favorable.

Below the detailed description of each product in the website includes Customer Product Reviews. All the reviews have given the product five star ratings.

Independent review sites also show the same positive reviews:

  • “… an awesome company and simply the best website in purchasing medical products.  The company offers excellent description of products with great prices.  The links they provide contains informative data that allows the shopper to carefully select their desired product.”…   by : Todd First
  • “… Excellent Value - Professional Quality - This TENS unit was more than I hoped for. It was delivered quickly and worked great! I’d recommend this to anyone who needs help with pain management! … by: Jackson Hole, WY
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