Make It or Break It Hairstyles
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Make It or Break It Hairstyles

Make it or break it is a TV drama show about a group of young women who hope to become Olympic gymnasts. The hairstyles they wear whilst training and competing provide great inspiration for creative up dos. This article provides a guide to four hairstyles for Make it or break it.

Four Make it or break it hairstyles and tips on achieving them:

Double French braid ponytail

The first hairstyle as pictured above is worn by the character Lauren Tanner. It features two French braids on either side of the face tied back into a ponytail with a decorative bow at the end of the braid. To achieve this style you simple need to half the hair from top to bottom. Pull the bottom section out of the way by securing it with a hair tie and then part the top section down the center of your hair. Now on either side create a French braid. If you don’t know how to French braid there are many visual tutorials on the internet that can show you how. Undo the bottom section of the hair and pull it back together with the two French braids and secure with a ponytail holder.

Mini Buns

The hairstyle pictured above is worn by the character Kelly Parker. It features two plaited buns on either side of her head. To achieve this style you need to divide the hair into two down the center of your head. Pull each section into a high ponytail on the top of your head. Now plait each side until you reach the bottom of the hair. Wrap each braid around the hair tie until it forms a mini bun. Hide the ends under the bun and pin into place.

Ballerina style bun

In the picture above the character Payson Keeler is wearing a ballerina style bun. This is a traditional style, named as such because it is also worn for ballet. To achieve this style pull the hair back into a tight ponytail, then coil the ponytail around the hair tie, pinning as you go to secure tightly. Hide the ends under the bun and then apply a liberal does of hairspray if you want the style to hold up under physical activity. You can even go on to apply a bun hair net over the top to keep the style in place for longer.

Side Fish tail braid

The above style is also worn by Payson Keeler. It is a fish tail braid on the side. To achieve this style part the hair to one side and pull the rest of the hair over to this side. If desired you can pull into a ponytail holder like this to hold it in place as you work on the fish tail braid. Just ensure you secure it loosely so you can remove it easily when you are done. Now divide this ponytail into two. From the left take a skinny piece of hair and wrap it over the left section of hair before combining it with the right. Repeat this on the right hand side and then continue to repeat this process until you are nearly at the end of your hair. To copy Payson’s look stop a few inches from the bottom of your hair. 

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Make it or break it screen grabs


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