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Website Review & Ratings + Coupons

As new owners of the Little Giant Ladder, I must say that their infomercials are very compelling. They even have a Twitter and Facebook page dedicated to them. My husband was telling me about this ladder and I finally sat and watched the infomercial and although I no longer can climb on a ladder the way I used to; I was sold. I ordered the ladder as a Christmas present and the promise that we would get rid of the old wobbly ladders we have because now this ladder should replace any ladder we may need. As I have written in other articles, my husband has multiple sclerosis so I am overly concerned that he has safer equipment because he is now retired and wants to complete several projects around the house and yard. What we received:

  • The Little Giant Xtreme is a multi-use ladder system of 24 laddeers in one
  • Four major components include; 1 inner ladder assembly, 2 outer ladder assemblies, an Air Deck
  • Lockable positioning to enable the system to become 5 different ladders;
  • It becomes an extension ladder to reach high places
  • A-frame stepladder of several heights
  • Trestle and plank scaffolding system (with available plank sold separately)
  • A 90 degree ladder to be used against a solid wall
  • A staircase ladder
  • A DVD enabling a refresher course whenever needed
Little Giant Ladder: What makes it different?

The Little Giant Ladder  has been in business for over thirty years and is completely American made.

  • It eliminates the need for several ladders for different purposes and stores in only 4 feet and 7 inches of space.
  • Do you have a garage or storage shed with several ladders?
  • Now you do not need to waste valuable space for all those ladders.
  •  It is lightweight and most certainly strong enough for up to 300 pounds on each rung on both sides of the ladder.
  • All branches of the military are using the Little Giant Ladder in several operations.
  • Contractors swear by this ladder.
  • Moving it from one part of the house to another is effortless.
  • A 70 year old woman can hang drapes, fix curtains, and change light bulbs in high light fixtures.
  • Free shipping
  • The newest, strongest, and frequently upgraded comes with a free fuel tank, air deck/safety rail and comfort step.
  • New patented rock locks to make raising and lowering a snap and wheels on one side for ease of moving.
  • Lifetime warranty with a free 60 day in home trial period. 


Little Giant Ladder vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Little Giant Ladder)

The Little Giant Ladder can be ordered via their website for the best value and added incentives. Comparable ladders are available at Home Depot Stores and even Little Giant Ladders are available only on their website. Werner Ladders, available in Home Depot offer several ladders that will take the place of any of the ladders that Little Giant Ladder will become and they also offer telescoping ladders of different heights but by far do not perform all the tasks that the Little Giant Ladder can do. sells numerous ladders for every requirement for all trades like; contractors, roofers and do-it-yourselfers. They also sell the Little Giant Ladder system and parts for Little Giant Ladders but do not offer any of the extras that the direct sales of Little Giant Ladder offer. offers several types of ladders, but not Little Giant Ladders. They do offer the mult-ipurpose Werner ladders in several adjustable heights.

Little Giant Ladder: Pricing & packages

The Little Giant Ladder that we purchased was the newest of the Little Giant Ladders called the Little Giant Extreme and the one advertised on the current infomercial. It can be paid in one payment of $359.80 or four payments of $89.95 if purchased from them. By purchasing from Little Giant Ladder, you receive the free shipping, and the fuel tank, wheels, air deck and more. On their website they offer several different models of their ladder systems and accessories. The prices start from $199.99 depending on the ladder system you require.

Comparable ladders and ladder systems from Home Depot, Lowes and range in price from $197 for a Little Giant Ladder system to $297 for the most expensive Little Giant Ladder system. They also have Werner telescoping ladder systems starting at $216.

Of course ladders in various styles and purposes can be purchased for as little as $34 if just stepping up a few feet to perform a small task is all that is required, but for the do-it-yourselfers out there, why not just own one ladder that can solve all your problems for one price that carries a lifetime warranty.

Little Giant Ladder: Product images & screenshots
Little Giant Ladder Coupons
Little Giant Ladder: Customer reviews & comments

Customers who purchased the Little Giant Ladder said: had 77 reviews on a 5 star rating gave it 4 and a quarter stars broken down as follows:

  • 49 consumers gave it a 5 star rating
  • 17 consumers offered it 4 stars
  • 7 users gave it 3 stars
  • 1 user gave it only 2 stars
  • 3 consumers gave it only a 1 star rating as the lowest rating

Snippets of other testimonials were:

  • "If you only want to buy one ladder, this is it!"
  • "Best ladder I ever owned."
  • "Decent ladder but NOT for the Girly Man!!"
  • "Very solid but weight is a big minus"
  • "I was going to purchase a few regular ladders, and all together would have been around $600. I decided to invest in this, and I am glad I did. I works everwhere I needed other ladders at less than what I would have paid for all of them together."
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Comments (7)

I have a little giant ladder myself and I love it. Excellent review.

Ranked #11 in

Thanks Chris, he can't wait to use it!!!

You have provided an really great review here.

I'll have to look into this. Thanks, Diane! XOXO

Ranked #11 in

Thanks so much Martin and Sandy!!!

Ranked #5 in

I like your presentation and your personal notes too.Well done.

great review

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