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Causes and Treatment for Knee Pain: Managing Joint Disorders Naturally

Knee pain is a common ailment which occurs due to a host of conditions. This article provides information about some of the best home remedies for effective management of the condition

Knee pain may develop due to a host of reasons; also, the pain may be associated with stiffness, tenderness, swelling and inflammation and reduced range of movement. The following are the commonly occurring causes for knee pain:

Causes for Knee Pain: Causes of Joint Disorders

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout
  • Functional pain
  • Trauma or injury

Measures to Manage Knee Pain Effectively: Managing Joint Disorders Naturally

  1. Calcium: Step up your daily intake of calcium rich foods. Consume adequate amounts of milk, buttermilk, yogurt, fish, dates, jaggery, drumsticks and coriander. These are rich sources of calcium. Additionally, start a calcium supplement to make up for any severe deficiencies.
  2. Sesame Seeds:Soak 1 spoon of black sesame seeds overnight. Consume the seeds along with the water, the next day. Sesame seeds reduce pain, swelling and inflammation promptly.
  3. Potato :Potato juice is an excellent remedy for knee pain. Consume about 50 ml of potato juice, twice a day, before meals. It has been proved as a highly effective medicine for arthritic pains. Potato reduces swelling around the joint and thus helps in ameliorating the pain.

Other Guidelines to Treat Knee Pain: Tips to Manage Joint Disorders

Avoid excessive stress and strain to the joint. Avoid squatting on the floor, sitting cross legged and exerting too much pressure while ascending or descending stairs.

Walking is recommended, and so is gentle stretching and exercising to preserve the range of movement of the joint.

The free flowing and gentle poses of yoga help manage pain, stiffness and numbness of the knee joint. However, sustained practice is essential.

Hot Epsom salt baths are also advocated. They are beneficial and should be taken at least twice a week for about 3 to 4 months.

In addition, massaging the joint with warm sesame oil is recommended. It lubricates the joint, improves mobility and checks pain and inflammation successfully.

In case of knee pain due to gout, following a purine - free diet (devoid of organ meat, fish, shellfish, mushrooms and alcohol) is advocated. Reduce the intake of legumes and lentils. Also consume lots of water to flush out excessive uric acid.

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Comments (8)

Excellent informative article, thanks. I take glucosamine sulphate supplements for knee pain of unknown cause. I have always had problems with knee pain since i was in school. I will definitely try some of these remedies as I am a keen hill walker and work outdoors so mobility is important to me. Dugg and Tweeted!

A great, well researched article. My mother has osteoarthritis, so I will be advising her to take sesame seeds and potato juice (she takes calcium). Really great work, buzzing up :D

How much potato juice and how does drinking potato juice affect diabetics? I have a house of knee pain sufferers including one with OA, another with gout and a child with chronic knee pain who has spina bifida. Thanks for the informative article.

Hi Annette, Potato juice has anti-inflammatory properties and hence helps rheumatoid artheritis. An average sized potato, about 150 gram contains 100 calories and is 80% water, so really not much to worry about. One can consume about juice from 1 kilogram of potatoes each day, though a slightly lesser for diabetics. Plus potato contains about three times potassium found in banana and hence very useful for gout. Hope this helps!!!!

Lots of great information for knee problems!

Very helpful. Thanks for replying!

Excellent article. I know what knee pain can be like. I had a knee replacement done a couple of years ago. Well done on this article. Voted up.

Knee is most important part of body which is injured by different reason like sports injury, accident and any arthritis disease. Knee pain can be results of injury or diseases of the pain. Rheumatologist can suggest treatment of arthritis.