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Increasing $0.14 Per Month Earnings for Each Article You Write

Earning only $0.14 per month for each article you write and submit online? Learn how to increase your earnings per month for each article.

Even if some of your online articles are earning less than $0.14 per month from the one place they are published, they may be earning more than $0.14 per month because they are published elsewhere online too.

This $0.14 is not paid to you only once. Your earnings increase over time. If you write and publish 10 articles one month, and then 10 more the next month, at the end of about the third month you are earning $0.14 per month per article for 20 articles instead of for just 10. At the end of the sixth month you are earning $0.14 per month per article for 50 articles.

Bearing in mind that you may have published an article very close to the end of a month, always add an extra month into your calculations (publishing 10 articles per month would be earnings from 50 articles after six months, and not earnings from 60 articles.)

If you can write and publish more than 10 articles a month, your earnings will be more. If you want to stop writing, you don’t lose the monthly income from your articles. Earnings may decrease a bit, or even grow, but you have created a source of passive income.

An average of $0.14 per article per month is not bad, but these monthly passive income earnings can be increased too:

  • Republish your articles on writing sites that accept previously published articles. Be sure to check through terms and conditions of sites you join to see what is and is not allowed. On Factoidz, you may not publish previously published articles, but you may republish your articles elsewhere after they have been on Factoidz for thirty days. Be sure to use the same name as author of your articles on all sites you republish them on, to avoid any copyright infringement problems.
  • Republish the articles on your own website or blog
  • Link to your articles from bookmarking sites that also have earning opportunities, like RedGage, Xomba, She Told Me, and Best-Reviewer
  • Spend more time on keyword research and edit your articles accordingly

Do not concern yourself too much with a possible Google duplicate content penalty. The so-called duplicate content penalty merely means that not all your duplicate articles may be indexed by Google, or may not be given a high page search engine search result.

If this happens, it’s not the end of the world:

  • Members of writing sites also view your articles
  • People in your friends’ lists of your social and bookmarking sites also view the articles you link to
  • People follow the links in your profile on various sites
  • People are visiting other pages of sites (that do or do not contain your own or republished articles) and they follow the links on those pages to your articles elsewhere.)

Regards earnings, there are also more ways to earn from your articles than just from passive income generated from page views and the ad revenue share of a writing site, as this is not the only method of earning that some writing sites offer:

  • Referring others to join a site through your referral link
  • Having your Adsense publisher id in some or all of the Adsense ads on the page
  • Having your affiliate id in some of the product ads on the page
  • Bonuses related to amount of activity, voting or rating other articles, quality of articles or SEO of articles
  • Prizes for contests
  • Sales of your articles, where you are offering usage rights only
  • On your own site or blog, and on your profile page of some writing sites, you can advertise a product you sell (or a link to a page about it) or a service you offer


There are many ways to increase $0.14 per month earnings for each article you write. Try and balance the amount of time you put into writing articles, with the amount of time you spend doing more with each article.

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Comments (7)

Excellent tips, Teresa. I had my articles here republished at Bukisa after the 30 day policy after publication of course.

Thanks, deep blue, and keep it up. I'm using Bukisa, Helium, Constant Content (offering usage rights only), and one of my own sites or blogs to republish my articles. I haven't done it much at all yet - trying to find the time to do it more! My earnings from each article are at least triple what they would be if I was leaving my articles on just one place.

Nicely done. The .14 doesn't seem like much until you multiply it but the number of articles you write. Then you can see how fast it can help.

I am going to use your technique for more traffic and earnings. Thanks for sharing. Voted up!

Great article. Very useful I may say. Thanks. Voted up.

Great article.

Good tips for getting that article out there!