How What You Dont About SEO Can Hurt You
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How What You Dont About SEO Can Hurt You

SEO in Practice

SEO and the use of keywords for your web copy can hurt if you do not understand the rules. If your copy is grammatically poor just to get keywords in your copy, you are not likely to get people to take advantage of your service or product. Content is still king when it comes to conversions from your website or blog. If you use over searched keywords, this can also hurt you with search engine like, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Too high a percentage of keywords in your text can also hurt you in the search ratings.

If you are planning to use keywords to raise your position in the search engines, you will need to research keywords to find the best keywords for your copy, also how to calculate keyword density. Keyword density is important. If you have too high a density the perception of your copy may be trickery to gain ratings, and if the density is too low, you will not rate at all. A narrow percentage band could affect your search engine ratings. It depends on the keywords used, and how they relate to your overall site.

There is much more to SEO than just using keywords. You do need good copy for your blog or website. You need to engage your visitor in all aspects of the blog or website. Is it in some niche? What you post needs to be relevant to the overall theme of the site. As an example, you would not be selling children’s toys on a plumbing site. Your keywords and copy should reflect your product or service as close as possible. There are software programs that say they can do the research of keywords for you. If you have the money and feel you need it, go for it. For many, money may be a factor in purchasing expensive software programs or not.

There are ways to do some research online at no cost, except some of your time. Try the no cost way first, and see what you can come up with for possible keywords to use in your copy.

Note: You calculate keyword density by the total keywords, or keyword phrases, divided by the total number of words in the copy. Ex. 4 keywords divided by 400 words X 100 = 1percent keyword density. You normally want a keyword density of between 2.5 to 3.5 percent keyword density. Once you get above 5 percent density, search engines could downgrade your site. Be careful, or consult a professional.

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Comments (2)
SK Dutta

I feel that the search engines are becoming more like human being. So in order to get noticed and indexed higher, provide more informational content rather than sales content on your website.

Just keep in mind that if your visitors learn something from your website then search engine will also consider it to be valuable.

All products and services really have both positive and negative effects. However, it is always us as the consumers who need to be responsible enough in ourselves to avoid these problems. Thanks for sharing this excellent article, keep it up!. Voted and shared.