How to Treat Flea Problems for Cats - Cheap
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How to Treat Flea Problems for Cats - Cheap

money saving flea treatment for cats

It’s an unfortunate problem many pet owners face.  Fleas. Those dreadful little buggers can get all over your home . . . and of course, all over your pet. Here’s some advice cat owners should find helpful, particularly for anyone owning multiple cats.

Buying flea treatments for cats in your neighborhood stores (like Walmart) will cost you about $12.00 for 3 treatments, so that’s $4.00 for each cat. One of the common products you’ll find on store shelves is Hartz Flea & Tick Treatment. There are many web sites that warn about the hazards of this product, even claiming it can cause your cat to get sick or possibly die. I just found Hartz to be a waste of money. After a week, the fleas were still there.

Instead, I recommend a product called Advantage. I’ve used it several times and it’s always gotten rid of the fleas. You can find Advantage at or at 1-800-Pet-Meds. Advantage for cats will cost you about $11.00 for each of your cats, because you will pay about $44.00 for a package that contains 4 treatments. So, that means you’re spending nearly 3 times more than the one you’ll find in the store (although the store one won’t even work).

How do cat owners find the cheapest (and best) flea treatment for cats? You need to act like a dog  owner!

What you need to do is buy Advantage FOR DOGS. This is perfectly safe… because the flea medicine is actually the same for dogs as it is for cats. It was my Veterinarian that first brought this to my attention, and you can check it for yourself by checking and comparing the ingredients on the packages for dogs with the packages for cats. But you need to get the Advantage for LARGE dogs. It costs exactly the same as the medicine for cats ($44.00 for a package of 4 treatments), but each treatment is a larger quantity…specifically, five times the amount. So you will need to divvy up the one large dog treatment into five treatments for five cats.

And if you do the math, you’ll see that by buying this large dog treatment, you’ll end up paying just over $2.00 for each of your cats.

Finally, in addition to the regular steps of treating your cats and possibly even fogging your home, you should also launder all bedding and vacuum carpets. When you vacuum the carpet, you will be sucking up those pesky fleas… so here’s a neat “trick” to follow: Put a flea collar inside your vacuum so that the fleas you suck up will not have a chance of getting out alive.

Good luck, and happy flea killing!

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Comments (1)

Thanks for the information. Had a problem with fleas on our cats and we found that by removing all carpets and vaccuming everywhere, as well as treating the cats, the problem got solved.