How To Throw A Great Birthday Party For Your 16 Year Old Boy
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How To Throw A Great Birthday Party For Your 16 Year Old Boy

Every year we have our birthday, and every year is special, but the sixteenth birthday is one of most special of all! On the sixteenth birthday, one is no more a 'kid', but a 'semi'- adult with many great privileges! One of the best privilege is driving learning license one gets! Another reason why the sixteenth birthday is special is, that though one is almost an adult, one has no responsibilities of an adult! If so many great things are to happen on the sixteenth birthday, both guys and girls should have an equal opportunity to celebrate it!

A few things need to be kept in mind while arranging a sweet 16 party for boys. First of all, find all the cute decorations you used for your fifteenth birthday and dump them! The birthday boy is going to be sixteen! For you, he is the same boy that he was on the last birthday. But for him, he is a guy now, so he is going to act like one. That means, he is going to find all those cute birthday decorations 'girlish' now! So, its better to have minimum decorations that look sporty. Secondly, take into consideration his opinions about the food, the theme the guests and everything else. That will give him a feel of being 'big'! Now that everything else has been discussed, lets move to the important part, sweet 16 party themes for boys. Here are some boyish sweet 16 themes.

Sweet 16 Themes for Boys

Following are some birthday themes for boys, which will be surely liked by them.

Rock Band Party: Guys of all ages are die hard fans of rock music. So, the idea is to arrange a complete rocking party for them! Everyone except the birthday boy's friends may need to lock themselves in a room to escape from the screeching noises! Give the party hall a discotheque look. Put those typical red blue disco lights, and a disco ball and hire a DJ. If the DJ is too costly, any of your family member can work as a part-time DJ (promise the DJ a big chunk of cake, so that he doesn't run away because of the loud job resposibility). But be sure of the music you are going to play, it has to be hard core rock music. Linkin Park, Metallica, Pink Floyd are a must! Once you are done with all these things, all you will have to do is, provide them with soft drinks and snacks. The birthday boy will be very happy with you because you actually allowed him to be in a discotheque!

Horse Riding: This is one of the sweet 16 party themes for boys, which will be enjoyed a lot by them. As the name suggests, arrange a picnic to a nearby race course or a farm. The birthday boy will love this daring sport and so will his friends. To make the party more interesting, you can keep a cowboy dress code for the invitees. The menu of the party also should be according to the party theme. Corn, bacon, steak, haystack cookies etc. will be the perfect menu for these kind of sweet 16 themes for boys!

Beach Party: This is one of the classic party themes for sweet sixteens. Arrange a party for the guys on the beach. Leave them alone, let them enjoy the way they want to. You can arrange a volley ball game for the invitees. Some other beach games like sandcastle contest or mini golf can also be played. Do not take any food to the beach, instead prepare a barbecue there. Take loads of marshmallows with you and let the boys roast them. Everyone will thoroughly enjoy all the activities of this sweet sixteen birthday party! Read on party games and sweet sixteen gifts for boys.

These were some of the sweet sixteen birthday party themes for boys. You can also take them for river rafting or trekking. Or a simple party with a horror movie and many pizzas will also be a good idea. In fact, anything that is not girlish will be great!

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