How To Reduce The Size Of A Swollen Pimple
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How To Reduce The Size Of A Swollen Pimple

Pimples are undoubtedly, one of the scary part of adolescence. Many teenagers and even adults lose their sleep over these skin lesions on the face. There are various types of pimples, which include whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, nodules, and cysts. It can range between mild forms to very severe forms, which can affect the looks and even health of the affected person.

There are various factors that can lead to or aggravate pimple formation, but, the basic cause of pimples is the clogging of the tiny ducts that take oil from the sebaceous glands to the pores in the skin. Sometimes the oil gets oxidized at the opening of the pore on exposure to air and turns black, forming a blackhead. Clogged pores with oil may form whiteheads too. These blackheads and whiteheads are prone to infection, which in turn causes redness and swelling of the pimple. Scroll down for some tips and guidelines regarding how to bring down pimple swelling.

How to Reduce Swelling of Pimple?

As mentioned earlier, clogged or blocked oil ducts of the skin cause pimples. For most people, pimples means only blackheads and whiteheads that do not cause any complications. But in others, excess oil secretion leads to bacterial infection, which in turn causes inflammation or swelling of pimples. Some people find satisfaction in squeezing the pimples, which usually lead to further spread of infection. Others may try various products, which may or may not help to reduce pimple swelling. You must have a basic idea about pimples, swelling of pimples and how to decrease pimple swelling. The following tips can help you in pimple swelling reduction by using simple home remedies, without causing any complications.

  • The most effective among the home remedies to reduce swelling of pimple is the application of an ice pack over the pimple. It has to be placed for about two to three minutes on a pimple and never put pressure on the pimple while applying ice pack. Repeat this 2 to 3 times per hour.
  • A clay mask may work wonders to reduce swelling of pimples. A bit of clay mask on a pimple can effectively draw the puss out and helps in drying the pimple. Keep it overnight for best results. Read more on acne prevention and acne control.
  • A dab of tomato juice or cucumber juice on the pimples can tighten the skin pore and reduce swelling.
  • Toothpaste is also considered as a good home remedy for pimples. Apply small amount of a normal toothpaste (not the gel versions) on the pimple and keep it overnight. It can reduce swelling of pimples. Read more on natural acne cures.
  • Apple cider vinegar works as an astringent and reduces swelling of pimples, when applied over it.
  • You can also use a paste of sandalwood powder for face and rose water to apply on pimples. It can reduce swelling of pimples and the irritation caused by it. You may keep it overnight for good results.
  • Neem tree extracts and Australian tea tree oil are also found to be effective in combating pimples. They are effective in killing the bacteria on the surface of the skin and prevent further infection.
  • In case of cystic acne, egg white and strawberry leaves are considered to be among the best home remedies to reduce swelling of pimples.

Apart from the above mentioned home remedies to reduce swelling of pimples, there are many guidelines regarding pimples or acne. The most important among them is never squeeze or pick at the pimple. This may result in spreading of infection or leave scars on your face. It is also possible that, while, some home remedies work wonders for some people, there may not be any difference for others. So, find out the one which is best suited for you. It is also advisable to refrain from using substances, which may cause allergic reactions (in allergic people). In case of recurrent occurrence of pimples, you must consult a dermatologist.

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