How to Not Cut Yourself While Shaving - Men's Guide to a Clean Look Without the Shaving Cuts
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How to Not Cut Yourself While Shaving - Men's Guide to a Clean Look Without the Shaving Cuts

Have you ever cut yourself while shaving? Don't worry - thousands of other men have been in your shoes. Not only is shaving a painful experience, but the blood never seems to stop! Somehow the social repercussions of a bad shave is the worst part; You have to go to work with pieces of ripped band-aids all over your face. But, with these techniques, you'll never cut your face again.

I'm sure every shaving man has experienced this before - a slide of the shaving razor when, suddenly, a sharp pain, and an endless stream of blood from a point on your face. It's one of the worst things that can happen during a morning routine, and the most embarrassing (Go to public with patches all over your face, why don't you).

But never fear! With these techniques you'll learn how to not cut yourself while shaving. Be free of your shaving cuts for life!

1. Always Wash your Face and Shower Before shaving

It's never a good idea to shave your face before washing it, especially in the early hours of the morning. Not only is your face dry (and thus, more irritated and coarse), but you tend to be more clumsy! A sleepy person and a razor is the worst combination when it comes to shaving. 

Wash your face, including your neck, so you can get the hidden spots that escape normal cleansing.

2. Always use Warm water

This can go with point number 1. Before shaving, make sure you heat up your face with warm-hot water. I find that the warmer it is, the better for shaving (but don't burn yourself). 

The reason for this is simple. When you use warm water, your pores open up, allowing the hair to be soft and more manageable. There's also less of a chance for you to get shaving rash while you're shaving. In addition, your skin is much more relaxed and loose, allowing the blade to be close enough to shave, but not too close that you have a higher chance of cutting yourself.

3. Never Shave with Acne

It's just overall a bad idea. Even if you think you are a total blade expert, you have a much, much higher chance of cutting yourself with acne on your face. If you have acne and your skin is rough, consider just skipping the area or trimming it with a scissor. It's a better option than shaving and accidentally cutting your acne (not to mention immense bleeding and infecting your blade).

4. Always use a Sharp Razor

Contrary to what an astounding amount of men believe, a sharp razor does not give you a higher chance of cutting yourself! It's actually the opposite - sharp razors cut hair easily without any resistance, while dull blades are messy and require more force for cutting your facial hair. 

You should replace your razor whenever it feels rough on your skin, or not as smooth as you want it to be, especially when you feel it pulling at your hairs. There's no set time frame for replacing a razor since we all shave differently, at different times, and in different amounts. 

If your razor has rust on it on any part of the blade, be sure to replace it immediately.

5. Be Calm when you Shave

Giving yourself ample time for body maintenance is very important. If you want to prevent yourself from getting shaving cuts, be sure you get up early in the morning. If you're in a hurry, there's a higher chance that you'll be clumsy and cut yourself while shaving, and that's much, much worse than not shaving at all.

6. Practice Proper Shaving Techniques

Shaving wrong is probably the main factor contributing to shaving cuts. Here are steps for a proper shave:

  1. Start by warming up your face (mentioned in Tip #1). You can do this with warm water, or with a hot towel. Leave it over your face for at least 5 seconds. Include your neck.
  2. Apply shaving cream to your face. Include your side burns and your neck.
  3. Always shave downwards to prevent cutting yourself while shaving.
  4. When you shave the mustache area, withdraw your lips for a closer shave.
  5. Wash the shaving cream off with cold water (to cleanse and close the pores). 
  6. Dab your face with a dry towel when you're finished. Never wipe to prevent irritation.

With these techniques you're bound to never cut yourself and look like the clean-cut man you're made to be!

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