How to Increase Your Libido by Using Watermelon
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How to Increase Your Libido by Using Watermelon

How to increase your sex drive

One of the most popular summer fruits among people today is actually the watermelon. Almost every barbecue you go to in the summertime there is always the good old watermelon for dessert. Why is that? Well, first this fruit is very refreshing, taste great, kids approve, and can be very filling, especially if you are on a diet. Years ago nobody really cared about if the watermelon had any nutrition to it we just loved it for the taste, but now it seems watermelon has some amazing health benefits that can really help many people. Who would of thought a fruit as simple as watermelon could actually help you have better sex or even other health issues? Why take prescription medicine when we can get better results from fruits?

Watermelon contains Lycopene- This is an antioxidant that can help many people who have heart problems or even lower your chances of prospate cancer by a significant amount. We all know most red fruits contain this, but there is one fruit which doesn't and that is the strawberry. Why doesn't the strawberry contain Lycopene? I really have no idea I just know they taste great and are a wonderful addition to many dishes.

Watermelon contains a significant amount of vitamin B6- Not all people even think about how much B6 their body really needs, but B6 can actually help our brains, help people who suffer from stress, anxiety, and even help ones who suffer from panic attacks.

Watermelon contains vitamin C- Yep oranges are no longer the only fruit that contains vitamin C. We all know how important vitamin C is, especially when we are sick or have a very low immune system. Vitamin C helps boost our immune system so we won't get sick as often, but also it can actually help some medical conditions like even cataract. I mean how cool is that helping your eyes by just eating a simple fruit like watermelon? Watermelon actually contains vitamin A also, which is actually very similar to vitamin C except Vitamin A helps fight off infections.

Watermelon actually has ingredients that deliver Viagra effects to your body, which can help with many health issues even increase libido. Just think every time when you consume a piece of watermelon the actual nutrient citrulline will convert to a amino acid called Arginine. This amino acid can work wonders on a persons heart, help with your immune system, keep your blood flowing, increase your sexual activity, and taste great all at the same time. Viagra consists of Arginine nitric oxide, which helps relax the blood vessels to help a man treat erectile problems. Well watermelon consists of this too and could be the best medicine ever for all. Why take prescription drugs when all you have to do is eat some watermelon?

So next time you eat some watermelon just think how good it's working on your body let the watermelon do it's thing. Watermelon can be prepared so many ways like watermelon ice, watermelon pie, watermelon muffins, or even deep fried watermelon oh my. Almost like all the shrimp ideas on Forrest gump. Be creative, get healthy, and have better health.

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Comments (8)

wow I certainly need to eat watermelon then!

Great article. I did not know that watermellon contained vitamin c. People used to say that carrots have vitamin A and that they are good for the eyes. The only thing I dont understand, is why are there so many dead rabbits on the road.

Watermelons are good. Mmmmhmmmm!

Lots of good information. I didn't know B6 was helpful for panic attacks. I will have to eat some watermelon before I go to the dentist next week. Very informative.

Wow, I never knew that watermelons were so healthy.

yeah a very good info indeed

Great article Angels!

What a great article...looks like I'm going to be buying a lot more watermelon :)