How to Give Fine Hair More Body by Coloring It
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How to Give Fine Hair More Body by Coloring It

This article looks at how coloring your hair can help give it more body and ways to maximize the effect.

Fine hair tends to sit close to the face and lack body. If you want to increase the amount of body your hair has there are hair coloring techniques that can help. This article looks at how coloring your hair can help and ways to maximize the effect.

How does hair color give fine hair more body?

If you have fine hair, coloring it can be an effective way to add volume, because the process of coloring expands the cuticle layer of your hair. This in turn can make it look thicker. This only applies to permanent and semi-permanent coloring techniques that open the cuticle up to deposit color.

These coloring techniques can also help make fine hair more manageable when it comes to styling. If you struggle to get your hair to hold an up do hairstyle, coloring your hair can add enough texture to make it a little stiffer and therefore able to hold styles.

The best coloring techniques for fine hair:

If you want to maximize the effect hair color can have on fine hair, you need to choose a coloring technique that will also make your hair look thicker visually.

A Balayage technique could help to make your hair look thicker. Balayage is a hair coloring technique where the stylist paints the color onto your head in a freehand manner. Many celebrities have sported this look, such as Rachel Bilson. On the recent season of Hart of Dixie, Rachel Bilson has hair that is blonder on the ends and darker at the roots. This technique can help make your hair look fuller around your face.

A mixture of lots of fine highlights and lowlights could also help make your hair look thicker, because it gives the hair a much more three dimensional look. Or try thick highlights or lowlights spaced well apart. This can draw the eye outwards and therefore make your hair appear thicker. Highlights on a dark base tend to make hair look thicker than highlights on a light base. This tends to be due to the contrast.

If you have bangs consider a side swept part with highlights and lowlights across it. As the hair is drawn across the face the highlights and lowlights sit in a more horizontal manner, and as in fashion horizontal stripes tend to have a widening effect.

Before committing to a permanent hair color you need to be aware that it can be damaging on your hair. Fine hair is typically already fragile, so do take this into consideration. When it comes to lightening sections of your hair, it is best to stick to going no lighter than two shades lighter than your natural hair color.

If your hair is fragile due to another chemical process, or lots of hot hair tool damage, your only option may be to go darker. Even a slightly darker hair shade with a shine topcoat can make your hair look thicker, because shine reflects light and has the ability to make an area look bigger.

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I've been thinking about having my color "brightened up" a bit. I would have never thought I could go darker at the roots for a fuller effect. Thanks.

I love hair colors...thanks for sharing...

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