How To Give A Little Girl A Manicure
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How To Give A Little Girl A Manicure

Little girls love to have their finger nails done. Unfortunately they lack the experience and coordination it takes to do their own nails. This is an article which shows you step by step how to give a little girl a manicure at home, yourself, for free. All it takes is a little preperation and a little patience.

All you will need are nail clippers, a nail file, clear coat and a color of nail polish that your little girl loves. First start by helping your little girl to wash her hands. Using warm water and plenty of soap scrub the hands clean and be sure to get under the finger nails. Washing the hands removes all of the dirt and oil and what ever else your little one was touching. Help her dry her hands well, then on to the next step.

Next, use the nail clippers to remove any broken, un even, or cracked nail tips. Try not to take too much length off, but remember that little girls and long nails don’t really mix well. Children are so active and they use their hands so much throughout the day that longer nails on little girls often break. This can actually be painful for her so keep her nails less than ¼ inch long. Once all of the nails are trimmed use a nail file to gently round each finger nail. An oval shape is what to aim for. File the corners of each nail at an inward angle and the top of each nail in a sloped back and forth motion to create perfectly oval fingernails.

Next, help her to wash and dry her hands again. Again, using warm water and soap help her wash her hands to remove any dust created from filing, and to remove any dirt, oil or residue from the nails that was not removed the first time they were washed. Sometimes it’s hard to get dirt out from under longer finger nails until after they are cut, so some may have been remaining. Help your little girl to dry her hand well, once again, or the polish will not adhere well.

Sit your little girl down where she can be both comfortable, and not distracted. A distracted little girl will move around a lot which makes painting nails very hard. Sit down next to her and explain that she’ll need to keep still. Very gently grasp your little girls hand. Start with the hand that is closest to you, as it is easiest to reach.

Apply one coat of a clear nail polish to each fingernail on that hand. If it is easier Move and sit on your little girls opposite side to do the other hand. Allow the clear coat about 5 minutes to dry. Show your little girl how to wave her hands to dry the polish. She’ll love it. Next apply a coat of any color to each fingernail, on both hands. Allow that polish 5 minutes to dry while you are sitting with her.

After that five minutes is up offer her a book or other activity that won’t smudge the polish. Explain that if anything bumps or rubs against her finger nails before they are dry the polish will smudge or come off. Do not apply a second coat of colored nail polish until the first coat is absolutely dry. Little girls do not have the patience to sit still long enough to allow a thick coat of wet polish to fully dry.

If you want to touch up your little girls nails, or add that second coat it is best to wait until the next day. One coat a day will keep her nails looking fresh, beautiful and bright.

When the polish begins to chip or peel simply remove it with a tissue and nail polish remover. The clear coat under the polish is there to make removal easier for both you and your little girl. A clear coat can be placed over top of the colored polish, but it is not necessary.

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