How To Get Your Car Ready For Winter
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How To Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Winter driving conditions can sometimes get dangerous quickly. It is important that both you and your car are ready for anything.

When the cold north wind starts stripping the trees of their leaves and the nights start getting longer, we know that winter is quickly approaching. Winter driving conditions can become dangerous quickly. It is important that both you and your car are ready for anything. Before the snow hits and the roads become icy, be sure your car is running at its best and that you are prepared for an emergency.

1. Give your car an oil change with oil that is appropriate for your vehicle and the upcoming weather conditions.

2. Freezing rain and snowstorms can impair visions. Make sure your windshield wipers are in good shape and ready to stand up to whatever winter throws at them. Replace them if needed. Be sure you windshield wiper fluid is filled and ready to go. Do not use just water, as it can freeze.

3. Check to ensure both your defroster and heater are working properly.

4. Check your battery and confirm it is corrosion free. Also, confirm your power steering and brakes fluids are topped off.

5. Check all your car’s belts and hoses to ensure they are in good shape.

6. Ensure your tires are properly inflated and if you live somewhere that gets severe winter weather, you might want to get snow tires put on. Snow tires give far better traction than regular or all season tires.

7. Be sure your anti-freeze is the right mixture. For cold climates, it should be half water and half anti-freeze. Some anti-freeze comes premixed, read the label carefully.

8. Keep your gas tank as full as possible during the cold weather to help prevent freezing of the gas lines.

9. Salt and ice can be hard on the exterior of your car. Before winter sets in, give it a good waxing to help protect its paint.

10. Check all your lights to make sure none are burnt out and all are working properly. Replace any that are dim or expired.

11. Be sure your spare tire is full and ready to be used if needed.

12. Have a fully stocked Emergency kit in your car at all times. You emergency kits should include:

- a blanket or two

- extra gloves, socks and hat

- an extra set of clothes

- an ice scraper

- hard candies

- a couple of bottles of water

- a few granola/energy bars

- flashlight

- flares

- jumper cables

- a small tool kit

- tire chains

- a jack

- first aid kit

- a bag of cat litter or sand (To put under tires to add traction if needed)

- a candle and a can to put it in

- matches

- a small shovel

 When driving during severe winter weather, reduce your speed and leave more distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.

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