How to Fix a Cowlick in Your Hair
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How to Fix a Cowlick in Your Hair

A cowlick is a section of hair that grows in opposition to the surrounding hair. This can make it stick up at an angle, or curve to one side. Virtually everyone is born with a cowlick or two. Although they are in no way harmful, they can make it difficult to style your hair successfully. This article looks at several ways to combat hair cowlicks.

The location of a cowlick dictates how problematic it is. If you only have a cowlick at the low back part of your head this can easily be hidden. For example, you can simply grow the top of your hair longer to cover the cowlick. Unfortunately for others they have cowlicks at the front of the head or upper crown region and these cannot be hidden so easily.

Hot hair tools

In many cases a cowlick can be tamed by temporarily redirecting the hair to where you’d like it to sit with the use of heat. There are several hot hair tools that can help. For example, if you have a cowlick that curves in the opposite direction to where you’d like it to sit, you could use a hot hair roller pulling the hair in reverse to encourage it to sit the same way as your surrounding hair. You can also use a large round bristle brush and a blow dryer to correct cowlicks, or try a flat iron. These techniques will allow you to wear virtually any style, but remember that as soon as the hair gets wet or is exposed to humidity, it will revert back to its original appearance.


A highly experienced hair stylist can apply a perming solution to your cowlick to re train it to sit the way you want it to sit. The solution is simply spot applied to the area needed. It can be quite tricky to get it right, but when achieved it will give you a semi-permanent solution to the problem. Expect to get it touched up every 6-8 weeks as the hair grows out and the cowlick takes over once again.

Solutions for cowlicks around the front of the head

If you are a woman with a cowlick at the front of your head there are a few hairstyles that can help to disguise it. The first is to style your hair into a quiff at the front. Another option is to wear a headband; this will help hold the hair in the desired position. Alternatively try wearing your hair pulled smoothly back. By applying a little tension to the hair, you can often make a cowlick virtually disappear.

Bangs for those with a cowlick at the front of their head

If you have a cowlick on the front of your hairline it can interfere with the appearance of some bangs, as your hair may refuse to lie smoothly. In some cases you may be able to combat a cowlick by cutting your bangs thick enough that the overall weight will hold the cowlick down. This depends on how strong the cowlick is and the thickness of your hair. However, the best solution tends to be choosing bangs that work well with your cowlick. For example if you have a cowlick part way across the front of your head, why not go for side swept bangs in the direction of the cowlick.

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Comments (5)

Thank you for your valuable information.

I never had this problem, but my brothers did. Well done.

I have a cowlick right in the front in my bangs. When I wear my hair short, I do use it to have a sort of side swept bang - like you suggested. Otherwise, I have to wet my bangs down and blow-dry them straight and that usually works. Thanks for the great tips. Cowlicks are such quirky funny things. :)

Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

Good tips for those not-so-nice hair days!