How Do People Make Money With Torrent Files And Bittorrent Sites?
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How Do People Make Money With Torrent Files And Bittorrent Sites?

Most torrent clients come with a built-in search engine for finding torrents. But because there so unorganized and because of the vast number of torrents that there are in the world it's hard to use the search engine that's inside of torrent clients to find torrents. That's why when you use the torrent search engine client on some search engines they just take you to a torrent site.

Torrents sites are meccas for torrent users. They organize everything in a nice and easy fashion and offer advanced search engines features so people can find exactly what there looking for. There torrent sites are frequented by millions of visitors a month and every few minutes a new torrent is uploaded to a torrent site in one of there many categories. And as soon as there uploaded thousands of people immediately begin to download them if there slightly popular.

So for anybody who's anybody working for an affiliate company that pays 10-25 cent per torrent download can make a good amount of money uploading torrents for eager torrent downloaders. There are companies in the world that will pay you for every torrent download you receive, in exchange they give you an install package that you have to bundle with your files. This install file is also what tracks your downloads and makes sure that you get paid.

So after you becoming an affiliate for one of these companies all you need to do is bundle your install files with your torrent files and upload them to popular torrent sites to make money. After you do that you just need to check on your torrents a few times a week to make sure that there still good and receiving downloads. Anybody with a computer and a internet connection can do it.

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Didn't know this,I never think you can make money from ILEGAL activity :-/ that's bad

wow, didn't know this until now.

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Please suggest paying sites for torrents.


Best site for monetizing torrents is bee4biz


Not everything is illegal for ex if web gives you a full but special legal web edition album of your favourite band then you got a chance and downloaded just like i did now with masters of hardcore 32 album the depth of despair all hardcore fans are burning desperate to get this collection album !!! and its a pretty good quality and full length as you may be a pc pro or with some good knowledge of pcs and audio work then you can convert all tracks to 320kbps by 4800hz with mp3 converter software and walla top !!! better than cd quality anyways ... so yeah this sounds like a good idea all you need is web site of your own and hello to google adsense i think !!! wow thanx interenet ....