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How Can You Make Money by Having a Blog?

How does somebody make money with a blog? Learn how a blog owner can make money with a blog.

You hear of people making money because they have a blog, but you are not sure how it’s possible. Isn’t a blog just an online place where people display their news or photos so that friends and family can easily keep in touch and up to date?

A blog can be far more than just a place to keep an online diary.

A blog can be a source of income, and some people are making quite large amounts of money just from having a blog. There is work involved, though.

The people who are making large amounts of money with a blog have put a lot of effort into their blog. Some people have more than one blog, and make money from all of them.

What is it that people do to make money with a blog?

1. Research is done to find out:

  • How many people are using certain words when searching for information on the Internet.
  • How many competitors there are for the same topics.
  • How many of the competitors are using paid advertising methods to market their blog.

Once a lot of research has been done, and it has been decided what the main topic of the blog will be, and how many times certain words should appear in the blog posts, a lot of writing is done, and is added to the blog. The blog owner often updates the blog with new blog posts.

2. People visit the blog

  • The blog owner has used certain words in the blog posts that people searching for information on the Internet will find in Search Engine results.
  • The blog owner has left links to his or her blog all over the Internet on other sites that have related content and high page ranks.
  • The blog owner may be using paid advertising methods too.

All these marketing methods bring visitors to the site

3. The people visiting the blog perform an action that makes the blog owner money

  • An advertisement on the page is clicked and the visitor gets taken to another site where they can learn more about a particular topic; the blog owner earns money because that advertisement was clicked: Somebody is gaining a visitor to his or her site because an ad on the blog owner’s site was clicked, so the blog owner is rewarded.
  • An advertisement on the page is clicked and the visitor gets taken to another site where they use a service or buy a product. The blog owner earns a commission.
  • An advertisement on the page is clicked and the visitor gets taken to another site where they learn more about a topic, use a service or buy a product. The blog owner is earning an income from the advertisement because his or her blog has been receiving so many visitors that advertisers are happy to pay the blog owner directly for displaying their adverts on the blog.
  • The blog owner is offering a service or selling a product on the blog, and people contact the blog owner and spend money.
  • Some blog owners are also paid to review products, services, and websites, on their very own blogs. A visitor simply reads the information and may contact the owner of the product, service or website reviewed.


There is a lot one needs to know about to be successful at making money with a blog, but with a bit of time and effort, even a blog that has free hosting, and doesn’t cost you more than simply having a computer and Internet connection, can make you some money.


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Comments (5)
Ranked #8 in Blogging

Excellent advice. It pays to research. Blogging won't make you rich overnight (or maybe at all) but without research your chance to make anything is zero.

This is much needed advice for a start up blogger like me. There's too much info to take in as of now!

This is excellent information. I have always wanted a blog and did not know how to do it. It is worth more research.

I'm now looking into affiliate marketing and all is not as easy as it sounds lol. Great read.

Thanks for explaining this in such an easy to understand manner. Well done!