Hosea, Go Marry a Prostitute
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Hosea, Go Marry a Prostitute

Hosea love a prostitute and restored her in love even though she was unfaithful. God also loved Israel and bestowed grace after cleansing.

Hosea was a prophet in Israel at about the same time as Isaiah. He preached and prophesied to the Children of Israel in Israel and Judah. Perhaps it was the optimism of youth that prompted in him the thought that he could reform Gomer, could marry her and take her away from the marketplace to make her his wife. He had seen her there most days taking favors from men who came to do business. She smiled invitingly at him too, but he did not want a few minutes of her time; he wanted to take her from the marketplace and make her the mistress of his home.

The older priests in the temple were his mentors, and they warned him of the damage the wrong woman would do to his career; he still saw her beauty, and he still longed to take her away from the marketplace.

Hosea was new to the responsibility of prophesy, and sometimes he questioned whether he understood the voice and call of God. This time the message was so astounding he couldn’t believe it, but he was happy to obey quickly. God said, “Marry the prostitute. Raise her children even if they are from her other lovers. I want to show you the truth about Israel in your love for this woman.”

Hosea went to see her and she consented. He got his house in order to receive his bride. He consulted her father Diblaim and his father Beeri to get out invitations to the families. She would be a beautiful bride. She would live under his protection, and he would provide all her needs. Going to the marketplace from now on would only be for shopping. They lived happily for a year. She had a baby boy named Jezreel. Hosea was confident that he had been successful. He loved her.

He occasionally traveled in his duties as a prophet. When Gomer had a little girl, he wondered if the child were his. He had been gone for several days when she told him she was having another baby. The baby did not seem to be small, but she was born too soon. He named her Lo-Ruhamah which means No-mercy, and he loved the child. Gomer seemed to be happy. She took care of the children and the house. He loved her. He had to travel again and he worried, but it was his job. When Lo-Ammi was born, another little boy, he knew she had been unfaithful, but still he loved her.

One day he came home to find the children alone with Jezreel feeding the two little ones. “She is not here,” he said when Hosea asked about her.

“Show mercy to your sister and claim your brother as your own, but bring a charge against your mother for she has returned to harlotry as before. I offered her luxury and plenty, and she wasted it on her lovers. Now I will take her, stripped and bare, to the sand of the desert and leave her there with scorpions and thorns. I will destroy her vineyards and fig trees and recover the silks and linens and jewels that I gave her. She will be destitute. She went after trinkets and forgot me.” He vented for a while. He held the children when they cried and fed them and comforted them.

After his anger was spent, he went to the marketplace and found her. She was filthy and tired. Her youth and beauty had faded and the allure that had shown in her face was now cheap and brazen. She realized her error, but now it was too late.  And yet he loved her. He paid her debts and brought her home.

“You shall stay with me, you will be my wife, and I will be your husband. I love you.”

This time he had no doubt about God’s message. “You may love her as I love Israel. Even though she was unfaithful, you cannot be. I love Israel even though she has been unfaithful. She will face the consequences of her unfaithfulness, but in the end she will be my people and I shall be her God.”

 Sources:  From the Bible, Hosea 1-3 and Proverbs 7

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When I saw the title I had to read it! A wonderful story with a great lesson.