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Home Precaution Tips Before Traveling

Here are four important tasks you must take care of prior to leaving your house and a few time-saving tips to tick them off your list.

When you are planning to go out of town, whether it is a long-awaited vacation, a lengthy business trip or a long weekend getaway, it is a must that preparations have to be made not only for the things you should bring and your trip itinerary, but also for your house that you will be leaving behind. Even if making another to-do-list can be a bit stressful, taking care of the household obligations before leaving is rewarding. Your return home will be much more restful and it will alleviate your unnecessary stress while on tour. This way, you will not panic while at the beach or in a seminar upon remembering that you forgot to entrust your pets or pay a very important bill.

Here are four important tasks you must take care of prior to leaving your house and a few time-saving tips to tick them off your list.

Make home appear like you haven't left at all.

Whether you're a hundred or a thousand miles away, your house should look inhabited as a safety precaution. This can be done by buying low-cost programmable timers that can switch radios, lights, and televisions on and off while you are away. Heaps of newspapers near the front door can be a clear sign that nobody's home. Prevent this from happening by putting on hold your subscriptions and mail. You may choose to receive notices and bills electronically.

Take care of business.

To avoid neglected payments for utilities and other bills, set up an automatic bill payment system before leaving. Using a credit card bill payment service is a convenient and easy way to pay your household bills while you're on tour. This time-saving tool can be beneficial to everyone, particularly the frequent business travelers who are away from home often. Opt for a one-time payment or automatic payments to guarantee that your bills are paid promptly every month regardless of your location.

Prepare your pets and plants.

If your four-legged buddy isn't coming with you, hire a pet sitter or make bookings at a kennel to provide your pet the proper care it needs while you are away. To prevent overgrown landscaping and dried house plants upon your arrival, arrange for a yard caretaker in your absence. For short trips, set your sprinklers on timers and relocate house plants in shaded areas outdoor where the sprinklers can water them. If you are friendly, you may ask a trusted neighbor to water your house plants and feed your pets.

Save on energy costs.

Prior to leaving, switch off your water and gas supply and unplug commonly used appliances such as televisions and microwaves. Doing this will cut down on unnecessary usage and prevent equipment damage caused by power surges. Set your thermostat 10 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature or just turn it off. If you need to be away for longer periods of time, switch off your main light for maximum savings.

From setting timers on lights and appliances to setting up automatic bill payments, following these tips can lessen pre-travel stress and help you have a home-sweet-home arrival.


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Comments (5)

It is always important to take necessary precautions when one leaves home. Very well written article with helpful tips.

Basically good advise, but the idea of using a timer to bring life to your house is a dead giveaway to most practiced thieves. If lights come on 2 nights in a row at the same time, your plan is blown!

Nice. So often we forget about some details when preparing for a trip.

Amazingly, things that people often don't think of.

Jeff Dunsavage

Under "Take Care of Business", you also should include leaving directives for how your business should be handled if you die or disappear while traveling. Too few people make these kinds of arrangements and, though the odds are you'll have fun and come home safely, if you should disappear abroad and have not left someone with a durable power of attorney so they can deal with your affairs, you are opening up your loved ones to a hell neither you nor they ever imagined. After my brother disappeared off Roatan, Honduras, we had to let several of his real estate holdings go into foreclosure because creditors would not talk to us - these were assets that could have been available to support his minor children.Please, if you have not assigned someone a DPA, do so now.