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Frequently Asked Questions
What type of content can I publish on Knoji?
You can publish articles which are factual, informational guides on specific topics. They should either explain how to do something, provide detailed and well-researched facts about a particular subject, or provide a list of resources or tools to help the reader accomplish a goal. Articles may include text, images, and video, and should be formatted into paragraphs and sections to make them easily scannable. You may include opinions, anecdotes and color commentary, but the primary focus of an article must be to provide usable information and facts.
How are my earnings calculated?
Your earnings for a given article depends largely on the article's SEO Rank, which is a measure of how well your article ranks in search engines. Our system provides large rewards for articles that rank well - high SEO Rank articles earn 10x or more per view than a low ranking article. For more on SEO Rank read our SEO Rank FAQ.
When and how do I get paid?
Payments for the previous month are sent on or near the 1st of the following month. You will receive an email when you payment has been processed, and your statistics will be refreshed on your Dashboard. Payments are disbursed via PayPal - a valid PayPal account is required to receive payments. You must enter your PayPal email address on your Edit Settings page (you must verify that your email is entered correctly or you may miss a payment). There is no minimum amount you need to reach in order to receive payment, so long as you earn $0.01 or more, you will receive payment each month.
How is my Activity Bonus calculated?
For every article you publish on Knoji, you earn an Activity Bonus. Your Activity Bonus is based on the average SEO Rank achieved by your articles. If you write articles that on average rank well in search engines, you will earn a higher Activity Bonus. New writers begin with a bonus of $0.10 per article, and this increases with your performance over time. The maximum Activity Bonus achievable based on SEO Rank is approximately $10.00 per article. Your Activity Bonus is separate from your normal article earnings, which accrue over time based on traffic. Staff Writers earn a higher Activity Bonus per article than normal writers, and Featured Writers earn a higher bonus than Staff Writers.
Do I need to keep writing in order to retain my earnings on Knoji?
No. We previously operated by a policy which required writers to publish at least once per year in order to keep their accounts active, but after listening to writer feedback we have decided to remove this requirement. Once you write and begin earning, you will earn for your articles indefinitely, without having to write additional articles for Knoji.
What is a Staff Writer?
Staff Writers are writers who have developed a track record on Knoji for consistently publishing unique, well-written, well-formatted, and error-free work. Staff Writers have the ability to publish their own articles instantly (no waiting for editorial review), can edit their previously-published articles, and have a special Bio section that appears on all their work. Staff Writers also earn a higher Activity Bonus per article than normal writers do.
We have a new policy around how you can become a Staff Writer. Once you are approved to write at Knoji (as a Knoji Writer) you can begin submitting articles which go under editorial review prior to publishing. Once you are able to successfully publish 10 articles in a row, without having one rejected for any policy reason, you will automatically upgraded to a Staff Writer and enjoy all the benefits of being a Staff Writer. If one of your articles is rejected for any reason, whether for duplicated content, grammar issues, or non-conformance to our guidelines, you will need to start over and publish 10 new posts consecutively without being rejected.
What is a Featured Writer?
The Featured Writer designation on Knoji is the highest level available to writers. Featured Writers are long-standing writers with Knoji who have consistently demonstrated the highest level of quality in their writing. We also look for members who are active in the community, engaging with other writers and helping new writers along in their development and growth on Knoji. Featured Writers earn a higher Activity Bonus for each of their published articles than Staff and Knoji Writers. If you are a new writer with us you should look to Featured Writers for advice and an example of the style and quality required to succeed over the long term at Knoji.
How does the Knoji Affiliate Program work?
Knoji provides you with a unique affiliate code as well as an affiliate URL which you can use to sign up new writers as your Affiliates. Whenever one of your Affiliates earns an upgrade to Staff Writer status, you earn a $10 cash bonus. Your bonus will be reflected on your Dashboard and will be paid as a part of your following month's payment. You can track the number of Affiliates you have and their upgrade status on your Dashboard.
How can I promote my Affiliate Program?
First, obtain your Affiliate code and link from here. There are a few ways you can promote your Affiliate program. You can post your Affiliate URL to any site, maybe on your profile pages on your blog, your Facebook or Twitter page, or in your signature in online forums or message board communities. Another great idea is to include your link in your email signature. You can post announcements on social sites like Twitter letting your friends know about your Affiliate link. You can also use the Refer An Expert tool to input emails of your friends, and we'll automatically send a personalized message to them inviting them to try Knoji - if they sign up they will become your Affiliate.
Can I submit content that I've published on other websites?
No, Knoji only publishes content that is original and unpublished on other websites. Any violations of our duplicated content policy may result in demotion or account suspension.
Do I retain ownership of the content I submit to Knoji?
Yes, you retain full copyright ownership over your work. When you submit content to Knoji, you are granting us the right to display your content on our site, per our Terms of Use.
What types of links are permitted within my articles?
Source data links and links to trusted websites that contain additional information about your article's topic are permitted. We do not allow you to include your affiliate links within your articles, nor any links that are included with the intent to promote a website or service. We will make an editorial determination for links when you article is reviewed. You can also link to sources of information and include attribution links for photos you use in your articles.
I received three strikes and am now locked out of publishing new articles. When can I start publishing again?
Our three-strikes policy is designed to maintain high standards in the writing that is submitted to Knoji by new writers. Once you reach three strikes for failing to meet any of our publishing criteria, you will be temporarily unable to publish new articles. If this was your first time hitting three strikes, you will be able to publish again after 10 days has gone by since your last strike was received. If this was your second time hitting the limit, you will need to wait 20 days. If it is your third time, you'll need to wait 30 days.