Have a Wonderful, Frugal Thanksgiving
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Have a Wonderful, Frugal Thanksgiving

You can have a wonderful and frugal Thanksgiving, too. These ideas will keep the cost down.

Thanksgiving is all about food. From the turkey to the pumpkin pie, we eat it up until we can eat no more. The Thanksgiving hostess or host is satisfied when the guests sigh with satisfaction and say, "I can't eat another bite, as much as I would like to!"

How to make a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner without warping your budget out of control isn't as hard as it may seem at first. A frugal attitude and a little planning is all it takes.

The big item for most people is a turkey. Many stores have them on sale just before Thanksgiving, so don't jump the gun and buy one before the best sales come along. As an example, sometimes stores will sell Thanksgiving turkeys from 8 to 15 pounds for six dollars and from 15 to 25 pounds for eight dollars. Buy the biggest you possibly can in whichever category you need. Turkey meat is a very frugal buy and you don't have to eat it all at Thanksgiving. You can freeze it for later instead of having to deal with so many leftovers.

Some stores offer special Thanksgiving deals, such as when you buy a certain amount of groceries, you get a free turkey. You may be able to take advantage of sales to stock up to fill your quota, but look at these deals critically. They may not be so frugal and you may find that you're spending more in groceries than you would otherwise. The turkey could actually cost you more this way than if you bought it outright.

Besides the turkey, you'll need vegetables. Vegetables are usually the most frugal part of the holiday dinner, but keep an eye out weeks before Thanksgiving for canned or frozen food sales. Yams, olives and cranberry sauce may not fluctuate in price very much, so it's frugal to pick up what you will need as soon as you see a good sale.

A few hints that could make your Thanksgiving a little more frugal:

  • You can freeze cream cheese, but when it thaws, you'll need to warm and mix it to return it to the right consistency.
  • Fresh pumpkin from Halloween can be frozen and used, pureed, to make pumpkin pies. It's not frugal to buy canned when you already have it.
  • Another frugal idea is to make a mock pecan pie instead of the real thing if you live where pecans are expensive. You can find the recipe on the internet.
  • Use food that you already have on hand. Look through your canned and frozen food before you complete your Thanksgiving menu and see what you can use without having to buy anything else.
  • Make frugal use of leftover Halloween candy to dress up desserts For instance, if you have leftover chocolate candy from Halloween, melt it down and use a brush to paint a turkey or message on top of your Thanksgiving cake.
  • Make a frugal Thanksgiving centerpiece with leftover Halloween candy. It could be as simple as piling them in a paper cornucopia. The colors are right - just avoid the pieces with skeletons and bats on them!

You can create a wonderful and frugal Thanksgiving!

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Comments (4)

Really good ideas for this my most favorite of all holidays...good writing Pat.

I have almost enjoyed thanksgiving, of course frugally.Nice tips.

I ate the whole thing and came back to your article for more...

Good writing