Gray Hair and Its Prevention: Home Remedies for Gray Hair
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Gray Hair and Its Prevention: Home Remedies for Gray Hair

Greying of hair is a common problem faced by men and women alike. Simple home remedies can however prevent premature greying of hair.

What Causes Premature Graying Of Hair?

The following are the commonest and most significant causes of premature graying of hair:

How to Prevent Premature Graying Of Hair? Home Cure and Treatment For Gray Hair

Dietary considerations are the most important to battle premature graying of hair. Step up the intake of the following foods and stay away from refined, processed and denatured foods.

  1. Curry Leaves Halt Graying of the Hair: incorporate curry leaves in to your daily diet. A liberal intake of curry leaves helps prevent premature graying of hair, especially, if it is heredity. Curry leaves make the hair roots strong and healthy. New hair roots that come have a normal hair color. Consume about 7 – 10 leaves everyday. Also, boil the leaves in coconut oil and apply it to the scalp, at least thrice a week for quicker results.
  2. Vitamin B complex to Manage Deficiencies: a deficiency of vitamin B is a very important cause of premature graying. Start a supplement for a month and increase your daily intake of: whole grains, yogurt, nuts and Brewer’s yeast. These supply loads of vitamin B.
  3. Goose berries: goose berries are a very good home remedy for managing graying of hair. Juice of the fruits should be applied everyday to the hair and left on for about an hour. Also, boiling chopped goose berries in coconut oil improves the color and texture of hair significantly. Goose berries are known to enrich hair pigmentation.

Along with taking care of the diet, it is crucial to follow good hair and scalp care. Wash the hair at least 3 times a week and keep the scalp very clean. Massaging the scalp well and wrapping the head in a warm towel for half an hour is recommended. Use of very hot water, hair dryers and chemical coloring agents should be avoided. What’s more, optimal stress management will help reduce the brutal effects that stress has on your hair. Incorporate some stress busting technique (Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, pilates, etc.) in to your daily routine.


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I guess hereditary is my concern on my early gray hair, I simply noticed it when my playmates teased me 'puti'-meaning white or 'tanda'-meaning old, I was 10 yrs. old then, I have small spots of gray hair around my head, now it is gray all over...thanks for the educational share Doc.

Wonderful content.

Very interesting piece and good to know! Thanks for the share. Voted up