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Gilt Taste is a company which offers artisan specialties and gourmet food to the market. They sell high-end items to foodies and also produce a fine eating magazine. They aim to offer the finest quality goods and pay exceptional attention to detail in their presentation.

Gilt Taste sells specially meats, cheese and seafood. They sell a range of fresh produce, such as tomatoes, squash and zucchini. They also sell a variety of prepared goods, wine and equipment.

They offer free membership to their clients. Members receive news, fresh recipes and updates on their latest discounts. Many things on the site are quite affordable, especially in the pantry section.

Gilt Taste: What makes it different?

Gilt Taste offers unique products that are hard to find anywhere else. Their products are what differentiate them from the rest of the market and they are aware of that. For this reason, they maintain high standards and deliver extraordinary products.

They sell special items such as gold label Wagyu grass-fed beef grown at Snake River Farm. Some of the farmers and other producers make items exclusively for Gilt Taste, such as creamy goat cheese known as Stracapra, produced by Murray’s Cheese Shop. They do not sell items which can be sourced easily, such as hand-carved ice.

They aim to put a new twist on all their products. Their selections are mainly from American producers. The cheese makers, bakers, farmers and other producers are craftsmen have freshness and sustainability as key areas of emphasis in their business.

Gilt Taste vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Gilt Taste)

Cheryl’s and Mrs. Fields are two of Gilt Taste’s strongest competitors. They both offer a selection of quality goods. Persons looking for gifts often check their catalogues for gourmet items for special occasions. The competitors offer a smaller selection of gourmet treats and focus mainly on baked products. Gilt Taste offers cookies, gingerbread and other baked treats along with caviar and wine.

Cheryl’s has gifts that can be given for holidays, sympathy and for birthdays. Their products include cakes, brownies and cookies. They make products for diabetics and persons who have to eat a kosher diet. They give a 100% guarantee with their products.

Mrs. Fields sells a number of cute and colorful items. They carry cookie jars, gift baskets, tins, frosted cookies and brownies. Their fruit and sweets box and picnic hampers are filled with pears, apples, and tomato basil cheese. They also contain honey wheat crackers and other healthy alternatives.

Gilt Taste: Pricing & packages

Gilt Taste prices are reasonable. Their products are of a high quality and you also get value for money in terms of the service they offer. Customers who shop during the month of December are able to save with extremely low shipping rates. Customers can get 5-cent shipping on their favorite purchases all throughout the month of December.

A pound of chocolate chip cookies, packaged in a glass jar, is available from Gilt Taste for $15.95. These cookies are small in size but big on taste. They are deliciously crispy and buttery. Bits of chocolate stud the cookies, which are made using an 80 year old recipe. Customers can choose between having their cookies packaged in a retro-style glass jar complete with a lid and having them placed in a simple bag.

Cheryl’s cookies are more costly than Gilt Taste's. A classic assortment of 12 chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and butter cream frosted cookies costs $21. The treats are packaged in a bow gift box.

Mrs. Fields cookies are also more expensive. A pack of 24 bite sized cookies cost $19.99. They are packaged in a red goodie bag with white trimming.

Gilt Taste: Product images & screenshots
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Gilt Taste: Customer reviews & comments

Gilt Taste customers say that they ship orders speedily. Goods are properly packaged to ensure freshness. One customer who ordered fresh vegetables received their package with fresh zucchini flowers on top. The flowers were a free gift. Zucchini flowers are edible so they used them later on in a dish.

Customers are also satisfied with the quantity of merchandise they get for their money. Gilt Taste gets the bounty of farmers straight to the door of their customers. Customers like using fresh produce in their dishes.

“There was also a huge bag, so full of greens that I thought I’d never find the bottom. Incredibly fragrant I’m not sure I could even identify all the contents. In fact, I’m sure I couldn’t.”

Westchester Foodie

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