Fauxpanels.com Website Review & Ratings + Faux Panels Coupons
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Fauxpanels.com Website Review & Ratings + Faux Panels Coupons

Faux Panels sells panels and ledges that look like they are made of brick, wood stone and other natural materials. The goal is to beautify your building and save money by using Faux Panels instead of doing actual brickwork, stonework etc.

There are several reasons to use Faux Panels instead of replacing brickwork etc.:

  • Faux Panels are lightweight, realistic and inexpensive.
  • Faux Panels can be used either indoors or outdoors.
  • Faux Panels interlock and are seamless when installed.
  • Faux Panels are easy to install, and require no maintenance.

The Faux Panels website has installation instructions for each of the paneling types they carry. The website also has exact specifications listed for each panel type.

Faux Panels: What makes it different?
  • Faux Panels carries several styles of panels from Wellington to Carlton.
  • Faux Panels carries panels that look like brick, wood, stone and other materials.
  • The Faux Panels website includes installation instructions for all of the styles of panels they carry.
  • The Faux Panels website has a live chat available during certain hours.
Faux Panels vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Faux Panels)

Texture Plus is a competitor of Faux Panels. Texture Plus also sells panels in a variety of looks and styles. Texture Plus carries more types of panels than Faux Panels, Unlike Faux Panels Texture Plus does not have information on the site on how to install the different panels it sells. Texture Plus seems to be slightly cheaper per panel and offers a volume discount. Both Texture Plus and Faux Panels offer some of of their lines in fire rated panels, however, both charge for the service.

Unlike Faux Panels, Texture Plus does not accept any web payment methods such as PayPal. It also does not accept discover.

Faux Panels: Product images & screenshots
Faux Panels Coupons
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Faux Panels: Detailed review

Faux Panels is an online retailer of wood, brick and stone look panels. These interlocking panels are made to be seamless upon installation. Faux Panels product is meant to have several advantages over installing real stone, wood and brick:

  • Faux Panels are lightweight and easy to install.
  • Faux Panels look real and are inexpensive in comparison to real wood brick and stone.
  • Faux Panels can be used for interior and exterior installation.
  • Faux Panels are available in class A fire rating.
  • There are over 400 Faux Panels designs to choose from.

Faux Panels are an excellent choice for people who want the look of wood, brick and stone walls, without the hassle of tearing down a wall and rebuilding it. Using Faux Panels also eliminates the mess of installing brick and stone.

Faux Panels does not only carry panels, but also carries ledges and columns. This will help keep your project consistent in look and feel. Faux Panels also has a sister site called FauxBeams that sells wood beams.

Faux Panels makes ordering easy by including the following features on the website:

  • Panel cost calculator
  • Shipping quote tool
  • Live chat

You can also order a free builders kit for your company, or order individual samples from the Faux Panels website.

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Comments (3)

Very interesting

I'm considering installing some exterior faux stone but am concerned about damage from birds and small animals. Any comments on this issue is appreciated.

This company is a re-seller of some other company products. They would not take sold products back and will not reimburse your money despite their return policy. If you are persistent requesting your money back they would stop answering your telephone calls. This company does not do honest business.
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Save $25 Off on Orders Over $850 @ Faux Panels