eVitamins vs The Vitamin Shoppe: Best Vitamin Store on Price & Selection?
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eVitamins vs The Vitamin Shoppe: Best Vitamin Store on Price & Selection?

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Most of us will turn to vitamins at some point in our lives, if not every day. There are numerous reasons to take supplements, such as boosting the uptake of vitamins and minerals in our diets, helping achieve a healthy immune system, warding our body from aches and pains or helping our body to slow down the ageing process. Health shops also have a range of products designed to aid you in your fitness goals and help you to lose weight. Buying vitamins online is a much cheaper and more convenient way to shop than perusing the high street, but there are so many providers of these products online, how do you choose the right one? You want to make sure the products you order online are from reputable sellers, great quality and the best value for money. 

#1 - eVitamins   http://www.evitamins.com

eVitamins is a comprehensive one-stop online health shop with an impressive store of information for the consumer. They have a health encyclopaedia where you can check A - Z health conditions for you to peruse at your leisure. There is also an A - Z on drugs, vitamins and herbs, recipe ingredients and food. Then there is the eVitamins recipe centre, health blog and current health news. It has a wealth of clever resources behind its store front. There is a fantastic clearance section with very good discounts and a deal of the day, today's deal saw a discount of 40% off the retail price. 

What makes eVitamins stand out from The Vitamin Shoppe is a much more comprehensive website in general and a wider range of products. One of the most common supplements taken would perhaps be iron and eVitamins has 191 different products to choose from. The Vitamin Shoppe in comparison has only 50 products. That's about a quarter of the range of products compared to their rival. 

eVitamins herb section is far and away the winner when compared to The Vitamin Shoppe, just by the sheer choice offered. 

Taking a closer look at pricing, eVitamins found the majority of its products were less expensive than that of its rival. When comparing 'Ultimate Iron' 90 gel caps, eVitamins priced these at $14.95 compared to The Vitamin Shoppe's $20.99. In fact The Vitamin Shoppe's own brand iron capsules retailed at $14.99 which is more expensive than that of the brand name mentioned! Comparing multi vitamins Women's Ultra Daily 120 caps, eVitamins priced these at $18.35, whereas The Vitamin Shop's price was $23.49. For the majority of comparisons eVitamins was the better place to buy. 

Shipping at eVitamins is free if your order is over $49. The Vitamin Shoppe doesn't offer free shipping until your order reaches $99, which will make quite a difference on your shopping bill. The only thing that eVitamins could do to improve its shipping service is ship orders on the same day they are received, if placed by a certain time.

To save time eVitamins offers you a reorder function for all subsequent orders after you have registered.

#2 - Vitamin Shoppe   http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/

The Vitamin Shoppe has an impressive own brand section which works out cheaper than buying the branded names on its website. There are some good offers advertised, such as buy 1 get 1 with 50% off, but they are not as appealing or as good value as those in the clearance section or deal of the day section on eVitamins. 

Unfortunately when compared to eVitamins, The Vitamin Shoppe doesn't offer as many products to choose from, which can be quite limiting on your budget if they are expensive items. 

Unlike eVitamins, they offer a great ECO Shoppe section where you can buy environmentally friendly cleaning products, cosmetics, bath and shower products and baby and pet items. This is a fantastic addition to The Vitamin Shoppe and quite impressive in the number of environmentally friendly products that are listed. The 'Natural Bath and Beauty' section is also a very good one stop shop to buy cosmetics and moisturizers free of nasty chemicals. eVitamins hasn't promoted its section on Bath and Beauty in the same way and it pales in comparison. 

Unfortunately in most cases The Vitamin Shoppe proved to be more expensive on brand name vitamins than that of eVitamins. Their shipping isn't free until you spend $99, which will make your order considerably more expensive. What was a great feature, though, was the fact that if your order was received by 5pm, The Vitamin Shoppe would ship it to you the same day. If you are in a hurry for a product, this could be of use. It also has a handy reorder section for customers who have registered with themselvs.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line? Well eVitamins is the best place to shop for most of your vitamin, minerals and supplements due to their pricing structure and a much more affordable threshold for free shipping. If you require advice or research resources for your product, once again eVitamins wins hands down. 

The Vitamin Shoppe is not without its merits, however. For environmentally friendly shopping it has a great section with much to be admired. For those wanting cosmetics without nasty chemicals, the Vitamin Shoppe has a great choice for you to choose from. Any emergency purchases would be better sourced from The Vitamin Shoppe due to its quicker shipping method.

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