Endless.com Website Review & Ratings + Endless Shoes Coupons
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Endless.com Website Review & Ratings + Endless Shoes Coupons

Endless.com was built by Amazon.com to provide customer's with a shop dedicated to quality footwear. With the buying power of Amazon.com, Endless.com is able to offer shoes and handbags at a lower price than many of it's competitors.

Endless.com provides a truly no-risk online shoe shopping experience with:

  • 100% Price Match Guarantee - If you find a lower price on Endless.com or a competitors site within 14 days of your order you can request a refund of the difference.
  • Free Shipping - Endless.com offers free overnight shipping on new styles and receive all other orders in two business days at no additional charge.
  • 365 Day Return Policy - Endless.com has a 365 day return policy and it pays for the return shipping.
Endless Shoes: What makes it different?

Endless.com offers:

  • A wide selection of footwear and accessories for men, women and children shown on easy to navigate pages.
  • The ability to save items for later viewing.
  • The opportunity to be notified when new styles arrive for the footwear you're viewing or when it's available in your size.
  • 24/7 customer service available by email or phone.
Endless Shoes vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Endless Shoes)

Zappos.com is an online shoe and clothing store and Endless.com's main competitor. Zappos is also owned by Amazon.com but operates independently. While there are many similarities as far as customer service and return policies. Zappos does not offer free overnight or two-day shipping, but does offer free standard shipping. Zappos does have a price match but instead of the 14 days that Endless offers, Zappos only offers 10 days on lower prices listed on Zappos, not on competitors sites.

Because Zappos offers shoes and clothes, you're able to buy whole outfits on their site. Zappos also has video descriptions on some items, which can help in footwear selection. But Zappos lacks the amount of detail in their description, fit guide and photos that Endless.com has. The one major difference in Zappos and Endless.com is selection. Zappos has a much greater selection of footwear than Endless.com, but it seems Endless.com does have a greater selection of women's heels (over 4 inches).

Shoes.com is another Endless.com competitor. They sell footwear both on their website and on Amazon.com. Shoes.com sells footwear for men, women and children, as well as accessories, bags and apparel. While they don’t have the fit guide that Endless.com has, they do allow customers to put in their review if the shoe was too small, too big, too narrow or too wide. Shoes.com also offers a 110% price guarantee, it will refund you 110% of the difference of the price of the shoe from it’s or a competitor’s online store within 10 days of your purchase.

Shoes.com does not offer free overnight or two-day shipping, but they do offer free ground shipping on all purchases. They have a 60 day return policy with free return shipping; this policy applies to orders placed on their online store as well as on their Amazon shop. But it still falls short of the 365 days that Endless offers.

Endless Shoes: Product images & screenshots
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Endless Shoes: Detailed review

Footwear is the main product on Endless.com although it does sell bags, accessories, jewelry and sunglasses. The main focus of it's footwear collection are women's shoes and boots although it does have a large selection of men's and children's footwear. Endless.com is perfect for a first-time online shoe buyer because it provides a vast amount of information and photos of each shoe it sells. Also the site is easy to navigate and uncluttered which makes for a pleasant online shopping experience.

On the Endless.com site they:

  • Show multiple images of each items from all angles.
  • Gives detailed descriptions of each item including all information you need to make a decision such as material, heel height,  measurements and country of origin.
  • Has a "How does it fit?" chart which tells if the footwear runs true to size, if the width is accurate and the type of arch support.
  • Offers a selection of similar shoes that other customers who viewed this item were interested in, this is great for comparing the cost and style of similar footwear.
  • Narrow down your browsing by category, brand, color family, size, discount and price range.

“This is a great website with lots and lots of shoes to choose from.  Generally I buy based on consumers reviews.  If no reviews I don't buy.  I find the shoe descriptions helpful and very accurate. I have ordered many shoes and have been very satisfied every time.”

Lourdes Z., from Miami, FL via Yelp.com

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Very good!

I did not know Endless is connected to Amazon ... I learned something new! Nice job.

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