Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids - How-to Thanksgiving Craft Decorations for Kids
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Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids - How-to Thanksgiving Craft Decorations for Kids

Easy and simple Thanksgiving crafts for kids to create for holiday decorations. Great ideas for home and school.

Easy crafts for kids to do on Thanksgiving is the mission of parents and teachers this holiday season. Want to know how to make some insanely fun Thanksgiving decorations with kids? There are two fun craft ideas classrooms and kids at home can make with these how-to's including supplies needed.

How to Make an Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Craft with Pine Cone

This fun Thanksgiving decoration is so adorable when it's done, parents will want to make their kids' craft project seen during the holiday gathering.

Supplies needed for Pine Cone Turkey:

  • An acorn or nut shell
  • Construction paper in red, brown, orange and yellow colors
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Hot glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Pencil or pen
  • Pencil or marker
  • Molding clay

Draw outline of feathers on colored construction paper and cut them. Also make a small red zig-zag design on red paper to be the turkey's wattle. The pine cone will be the turkey's main body. First take a small blob of clay and put it on one side of the pine cone to stabilize it on the table. Glue the feathers towards the back of the pine cone - the widest part of the body. Using hot glue, put the acorn on the smaller end of the pine cone. Next, glue the two googly eyes on and a red piece of construction paper in the center of both for the turkey's wattle. Once that's all done, let the glue set for while in order for it to dry.

See illustrated image of pine cone turkey HERE

How to Make an Easy Thanksgiving Bouquet - Coffee Filters as Flower Decorations

This next Thanksgiving craft is perfect for kids and teachers or parents will already likely already have coffee filters on hand! This decoration is easy as well and beautiful when it's complete.

Supplies Needed for Filter Bouquet:

  • Coffee filters
  • Paper plate
  • Watercolor paints and paint brush
  • Chenille stems in the color of orange, red, brown green

On smooth, hard surface, flatten coffee filters. Paint filters will watercolors. Make bolder colors with thicker strokes and lighter colors with light sweeps, that adds to the contrast of floral colors.

Once they're dry from painting, cut close to 2 inches off the chenille stem then set those two things aside. Next, insert larger part of chenille in the center of coffee filter - about 2 inches inside.

At that point, hold the small end and turn flower upside down so you see the other end of the chenille sticking out. Here, grab center of coffee filter and gather around smaller end of chenille item then twist the small piece of it around gathered filter to lock flower in place. Fluff petals by turning flowers over. Lastly, bend short end of chenille into a ball-like shape in the center of flower as the bud.

An image of this craft can be is HERE.

If you wonder how to get easy and creative craft projects for your kids, there are more where these came from.  Enchanted Learning had the turkey pine cone craft among others, as well as Crafts Caboose where the Thanksgiving bouquet was found.  Now is the perfect time to find easy decorations for kids to craft before Thanksgiving rolls around.

Sources: Enchanted Learning and Crafts Caboose

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Well isn't that clever, kids would love that.