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DietPower is a highly proficient nutrition software program which is designed to support and help individuals in achieving and maintaining an ideal body weight. With several unique features, the software offers weight management coaching assistance to maintain an ideal body weight.

This advanced software allows you to gain real-time information about your calorie consumption, your body’s metabolic rate and overall nutritional status, which is imperative for you to maintain an active and healthy body. This software is available ‘offline’ and requires basic Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Although the Software is used primarily for weight management, given its special features, it has been found to be decidely effective in dietary management for patients suffering from thyroid, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, cancers, anemia, and a host of other chronic disorders requiring nutritional and dietary assistance.  In fact, it has been touted as the next best thing to having a personal nutrition coach.

Diet Power has bagged several prestigious awards, from leading publications including The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, and Shape magazine. These awards and critical acclamations are indicative of the effectiveness and value of this product, especially amidst the user segment.

DietPower: What makes it different?

There have been several reviews and posts that have strongly indicated the benefits of DietPower over other similar software. Here are some benefits of this sophisticated and unique software:

  • The greatest advantage of this software is that it is available offline. This allows individuals to install the software on their computer systems, without needing internet connectivity. Further, updates in the program are available free of cost.
  • Another major advantage is that the program is that it also takes into consideration, the weight management needs of individuals suffering from chronic conditions and allergies and provides appropriate guidance to them.
  • Animations and graphical descriptions make it easier for an individual to evaluate his/her progress. Further, the software program also provides dietary and exercise suggestions on day to day basis. 
  • With several additional features like a unique drop-box which provides information about the latest happenings in the health and fitness domain, DietPower provides several add-on applications.
  • With features like the food log and exercise log, DietPower supplies detailed information about the nutritive value of different foods along with tracking the burn down of calories from the various activities.
  • Finally, with a free trial offer for 15 days, DietPower allows users to experience the benefits before having to actually purchasing the product. This is indicative of the genuineness of the product.
DietPower vs. primary competitors (sites similar to DietPower)

DietPower versus Other Leading Weight Management Software: Diet Pro

Diet Pro is probably one of the reputed nutrition software available in the market today. It has been praised and has gained a five star rating from several online magazines including Popularshareware, Brothersoft and Topshare, etc.

Diet Pro 2011, is the latest and updated version of the original software. When compared to DietPower 4.4, here are some basic differences,

  • Both these software are comprehensive in providing support and information to the user about their nutritional profile. However, Diet Pro 2011 doesn’t have an exercise log, which is critical in order to monitor the metabolic rate and calorie consumption in an individual.
  • With over 700 different wholesome and nutritious recipes, Diet Pro 2011 assists the user in achieving the weight goals. On the other hand, DietPower 4.4 offers in depth nutritional information of over 6000 different foods that are commonly used. Further color coding these foods, as per the individual’s special requirements, helps the individual understand which foods are good and which foods need to be avoided.
  • DietPower 4.4 has explicit animations and automated functions which are essential for easy understanding. It also tells the user about his/her status and instills certain level of discipline in the weight management process.  On the other hand Diet Pro however, fails to have most of the automated functions of Diet Power, which not only makes it non-interactive, but occasionally, a little difficult to use and interpret .
  • Finally Diet Pro 2011 is pegged at $64.95 compared to DietPower 4.4. which is available at about half the cost at $34.95

DietPower is rated as one of the leading nutrition and weight management software packages, and probably the only one that has a success guarantee.

DietPower: Product images & screenshots
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DietPower: Detailed review

Healthy Weight Management Program: DietPower

For a nutritional software to be beneficial, it needs to provide complete, comprehensive and precise information about an individual’s food and calorie intake, calorie utilization and general nutritional status. DietPower, based on certain calculations helps you estimate your daily calorie and nutritional requirement.

The food log provides exhaustive information about over 6000 food items along with their nutritional highlights. After comparing the food items consumed and your body’s requirements, the software analyses the information and gives very specific recommendations, which may include avoiding certain high calorie foods, modifying the exercise schedule or consuming some wholesome and nutritious foods. These recommendations are aimed at ensuring optimum and healthy weight management, depending upon the individual’s age, sex and health condition.

These suggestions and recommendations are meant to help an individual evaluate his/her status and review the progress.

Unique Weight Management Tips: Healthy Weight loss

A special feature of DietPower, is the exercise log, which calculates your daily calorie burn down count, depending upon routine activities and physical exercise. The exercise log helps evaluate the daily calorie burn down, which is an integral part of the weight management exercise.

In addition, the software has other features which include,

  • Inspirational Thoughts – which are meant to keep you motivated to continue adhering to your diet and exercise schedule to achieve your weight management goals
  • Water Minder Alert – which regularly reminds to drink water or liquids and helps you understand the importance of remaining hydrated
  • Nutritional Quotient- which is a simple quotient, which helps you track your progress easily.

DietPower Provides Detailed Information about Nutrition Facts

One of the greatest advantages of this software is that it provides complete nutritional highlights of over 6000 different food items.

Based on your overall health condition and your weight goals, DietPower, uses a color-coded directory, which helps you understand which food are best for you and which foods should be ideally avoided. In addition, the details of Dietary Allowance limit for various nutrients, is also provided in the software, as per the USDA.

Special animated tutorials make the entire process easier to understand and absorb. Further, the software also provides a list of certain delicious and wholesome recipes, ideally suited to you as per your health needs.

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