Dandruff: Causes and Management Using Home Remedies
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Dandruff: Causes and Management Using Home Remedies

Dandruff is a common condition affecting one third of the adult population. This article provides simple insights into various home remedies available for effective managment of the condition.

Dandruff is a very common disorder of the scalp; and refers to the flaking of the scalp. There is excessive formation of scales within the scalp, formed from the horny layer of the skin.

The flakes tend to fall off the scalp and settle on the neck, shoulders and eyebrows. It causes itching and burning. Occasionally, lumps or crusts may appear on the scalp.

What Causes Dandruff?

  • Poor scalp and hair hygiene
  • Excessively oily skin and scalp
  • Dietary errors, excessive consumption of processed and refined foods, dietary deficiencies, constipation and indigestion
  • Infections
  • Harsh shampoos and conditioners, unnecessary hair styling and chemical treatments
  • Emotional stress

Effective Home Remedies to Treat Dandruff

There are several shampoos, conditioners and hair care products that claim to cure dandruff effectively. However, they are extremely harsh and tend to have an adverse effect instead. They strip the scalp of natural oils and cause irreparable damage to the scalp and roots of the hair; thus being counter productive.

The following home remedies are highly effective to battle dandruff, naturally:

  1. Yogurt Nourishes The Scalp And Hair and Banishes Dandruff: Sour yogurt, which has been left over for about 2 days, is extremely beneficial in the management of the most stubborn form of dandruff. Clean the scalp thoroughly, and apply the yogurt. Leave on for a couple of hours. Rinse with plain water. Yogurt is great for the scalp and the hair. It dispels dandruff, tones up the scalp and strengthens the hair.
  2. Fenugreek Seeds Fight Infections And Allergies of the Scalp: Fenugreek seeds are wonderful anti-microbial agents. Soak the seeds overnight. Grind them in to a fine paste the next morning and apply generously all over the scalp. Massage the scalp well and leave the paste on for ½ an hour. Rinse off. Follow this therapy for once a week, at least one month, for best results.
  3. Cider Vinegar Gets Rid Of Dandruff Promptly: Cider vinegar is another effectual home remedy. Take equal quantity of cider vinegar and water. Using a cotton swab, apply the cider vinegar all over the scalp. Rinse off after half an hour. Also, using cider vinegar in the final rinse for the hair is advantageous.

Aromatherapy to treat dandruff

Aromatherapy essential oils have proven to be decidedly efficacious in the successful management of dandruff. Tea Tree essential oil and the Lavender essential oil, in particular are very effective.


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An outstanding article :D I would never have thought of putting yoghurt on it but it makes complete sense. Will try this out :D