Cute Comfortable and Convenient Costumes You Can Make for Your Baby or Toddler for Halloween
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Cute Comfortable and Convenient Costumes You Can Make for Your Baby or Toddler for Halloween

Costumes for babies should be cute rather than scary.

As a mother of 9 children, Halloween was always a fun holiday for me and for my children as well. There is nothing like creating the perfect costume for your child that lets them shine on this fun holiday. While I enjoyed creating costumes for all my children no matter what their age, I especially enjoyed creating cute costumes for the infant stage (ages 0 to 1 ½).

As children get older they start having their own costume ideas, but babies you can dress any way you please, though I feel for the little ones, costumes should be cute rather than scary; and simple to remove when your child needs changing or gets sleepy.

Here are 5 great costumes I used on my babies that can also be modified for toddlers as well.

Jolly snowman costume: You can purchase one of these costumes almost anywhere that costumes are sold, or make your own using a white fuzzy sleepier, some big colored buttons, a white hat, some child-safe orange face paint to color his little nose.  A miniature black stovepipe hat over a white infant hat that ties on, completes the outfit and makes your little snowman adorable.

Baby elf costume. My son Emo made the perfect elf and I used this costume twice because he looked so adorable. Once when he was just a few months old and again when he was three. The costume was easy to make and quick to remove for a diaper change and later for a quick trip to the potty while he was training. I simply used green sleeper pajama's and a belt and collar out of red material with sewn-on bells. I used a Santa hat and red booties off a large Christmas duck I had had for years. This costume won first place at a Halloween judging contest for children.

Bunny costume. Using a white sleeper again, this time one with a hood, I made my son Bryon into the most darling bunny when he was a baby. Using white and pink felt with fiber-fill I made a pair of bunny ears to attach to the hood of the sleeper. For a tail, I used a large round sponge covered with quilt batting to make it fluffy. To give the outfit a slightly different look from all the other bunnies out there, I made a giant carrot out of orange material with green silk leaves at the top for him to hold. It made a great pillow when he got tired!

Money Bag. One of my personal favorite baby costumes was when I made my last son a money bag.  I simply cut holes for his legs and arms in a burlap bag and slipped it over his sleeper. On the front of the bag I had embroidered a dollar sign and the words “property of the U.S. Government. A drawstring closed the top.  The finishing touch was when I found some material with dollar bills printed on it! I cut these out, sewed two together and stuffed them and attached them to the legs, arms, and the edge of the little hat he wore.

Pumpkin fairy.  Although it is not original, there is nothing cuter than a pumpkin. I purchased a pumpkin costume for my baby daughter, slid it on over a green sleeper, attached a pair of angel wings also purchased. And an orange beret with a brown pom pom on top. Turning an ordinary pumpkin into a pumpkin fairy.  For the finishing touch I made her a small wand with a plastic Jack-O- Lantern attached to the top.

These five costumes are all simple to create or purchase and makes getting you infant in and out of them quickly simple and easy.

They also are loaded with awe appeal!

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They all sound so wonderful. I would love to be able to see them being warn. This article shows your a fun and creative side.

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