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A battery, which is actually an electric cell, is a device that produces electricity from a chemical reaction. A number of types of batteries saw the light of the day from the Gravity cell of the 1860’s to the alkaline batteries of the fifties to the present day Lithium and Lithium ion battery.

With the passage of time and entry into the 21st century the need for batteries to power almost anything has become a necessity. Thus almost all products from laptops, Mobile phones, kitchen appliances, digital cameras, camcorders, watch batteries and even batteries for the e-cycle and the wheel chair are a necessity.

Chrome battery markets batteries compatible with all manufacturers like:

  • Philips
  • Toshiba
  • dell
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Hitachi
  • Nissan
  • Nokia  

 Not only are the latest batteries marketed by Chrome battery, but it also markets all the latest battery accessories you may need.  This is important as a battery accessory is as important as the battery itself. Thus all items from power cords for your laptop battery to home chargers or car chargers for your cell phone to replacement batteries and chargers for your digital camera or camcorder are all available at the touch of a mouse.

Chrome Battery is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. That is called customer satisfaction.

ChromeBattery: What makes it different?

Battery technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. The safety measures for batteries have also gained importance. This is where Chrome battery scores. One of the measures adopted by Chrome Battery is that staff deputed by Chrome battery carries out an inspection of all battery suppliers’ factories once every quarter. The inspections insure that the required quality control measures are maintained at all times.

Thus batteries for any item like mobile, camcorder, laptop digital camera etc and manufactured by any company like   Dell, Apple, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, LG, or any other manufacturer that is available on the site meet the l OEM requirements  of the original product.

Chrome Battery will require objective evidence that the safety regulations have been followed and the product is not a hazard for the it’s intended use.  For this purpose Chrome battery has a qualification test procedure which is to be followed by battery suppliers. All manufacturers are supposed to have personnel who are conversant with Qualification Test Procedure. In addition once the Qualification test procedure is accepted, no changes in the product can be made without permission of chrome battery.

The next point is the easy availability of the batteries which come with a2 year warranty. In addition the batteries are shipped inside 2 days and the customer has a2 month period to assess the product and return it back in case not satisfied.

ChromeBattery vs. primary competitors (sites similar to ChromeBattery)

Chrome battery has some tough competition from Microbattery. However Chrome battery scores over the other two battery sites by the sheer range of batteries on sale in their catalogue. Thus experience favors Chrome

Chrome battery takes the safety measures regarding batteries sold by them seriously and they have an inspection schedule for their vendors who supply them the items. In fact they have a quarterly inspection n of the vendor’s sites to ensure that the standards are maintained. This is not so with the other two sites. In addition best battery’s forte is smaller batteries and their range in comparison to Chrome battery is limited. In addition none of the other battery on line sale sites has any inspection procedure for the batteries they sell. That perhaps is the biggest strength of Chrome

ChromeBattery: Pricing & packages

The field of pricing of batteries is perhaps the most competitive. But a comparison of the sites who are the rivals of chrome show that the variation in prices is very limited. The market is so competitive that there is not much to choose as far as pricing is concerned. What matters is the add ons that are given when you purchase the items like after sales service, warranty and safety. It is here that Chrome battery scores.

As an example, the price of a Toshiba laptop battery of a particular model is about the same as marketed by other on line sites like But will score as its sells a certified product that is checked by its own inspectors. This is is the plus point of chrome addition you can be sure that Chrome battery will not charge you more thanany other online seller.

ChromeBattery: Product images & screenshots
ChromeBattery Coupons
ChromeBattery: Customer reviews & comments

The life and profitability of an on line site is directly related to how the customer feels about the product sold to him. I negative feedback will spell doom for the site and in all probability it will close shop sooner than later. has been in the business for over two decades and its financial results show a rising graph of profitability. This is a pointer to customer feed back as well. Most customer feed back is extremely positive and one will be hard put to find a negative opinion of

The site has excellent sales and follows up department and complaints from customers are attended with speed, resulting in an extremely loyal clientele. In addition the site honors all its obligations regarding returned products. This makes for a happy customer.  One can say without hesitation that 99% of customer feed back about Chrome battery is positive´╗┐

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